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Jäger, Angela (2004): Forschungsprojekt Ethnische Grenzziehung und soziale Kontexte (II) : Methodenbericht. Mannheim more
Kneip, Thorsten (2004): The Impact of Social Capital on Marital Stability. Italy more
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Scherer, Stefani (2004): Work and family. [ChangeQual Theme Papers] more
Seidendorf, Stefan (2004): Defining Europe against its Past? – Memory Politics and the Sanctions against Austria in France and Germany. more
Wendt, Claus, Mirella Cacace, Simone Grimmeisen, Uwe Helmert and Heinz Rothgang (2004): Convergence or Divergence of OECD Health Care Systems?. Bremen [TranState Working Papers] more
Wüst, Andreas M., Dieter Roth and Elisa Krauch (2004): Heidelberg-Studie 2003. Heidelberg [Heidelberg-Studien] more
Broscheid, Andreas, and Thomas Gschwend (2003): Augäpfel, Murmeltiere und Bayes: Zur Auswertung stochastischer Daten aus Vollerhebungen. [MPIfG Working Paper] more