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Bauer, Gerrit, Michael Ruland and Marita Jacob (2010): A life Course Perspective on Education and Fertility. [XVII ISA World Congress of Sociology, RC 28: Session Social Stratification and the Family, Gothenburg, July 11th to July 17th, 2010] more
Bauer, Gerrit, Thorsten Kneip and Steffen Reinhold (2010): Unilateral Divorce Law in Europe: Its Impact on Divorce, Bargaining over Female Labour Force Participation and Childbirth within Marriages. [EQUALSOC Research Team Meeting 'Investigating the Housework Triangle: European Reflections on Gender, the Market and the State', Antwerp, March 23rd, 2010] more
Becker, Birgit (2010): Cognitive and Language Skills of Turkish Children in Germany. A Comparison of the Second and Third Generation and Mixed Generational Groups. [Joint ECSR/QMSS2/TransEurope Conference ‘Analysing Education, Family, Work and Welfare in Modern Societies: Methodological Approaches and Empirical Evidence’, Bamberg, September 30th to October 02nd, 2010] more
Becker, Birgit (2010): Equal chances by the third generation? Cognitive and language skills of second and third generation children of Turkish origin in German. [Research Network EQUALSOC - Final Conference, Amsterdam, June 03rd to June 05th, 2010] more
Becker, Birgit (2010): How often do you play with your child? Parental investments at an early age and their influence on children’s language and cognitive development. [XVII ISA World Congress of Sociology, RC 53: Session ‘Childhood Sociology on the Move’, Gothenburg, July 11th to July 17th, 2010] more
Becker, Birgit (2010): Wer profitiert mehr vom Kindergarten? Was macht der Migrationsstatus dabei aus? Eine soziologische Ananlyse. [Fachtagung der Robert-Bosch-Stiftung und des Deutschen Instituts für Wirtschaftsforschung (DIW) "Frühkindliche Bildung und Betreuung heute - eine multidisziplinäre Herausforderung", Berlin, December 09th to December 10th, 2010] more
Bevern, Simona (2010): Issue ownership, public opinion and the dynamics of party communication: evidence from Germany. [ECPR Graduate Conference, Dublin, August 30th to September 01st, 2010] more
Biedinger, Nicole (2010): Erwerb von sprachlichen Kompetenzen in der Vorschulzeit. Ergebnisse eines Mannheimer Projekts. [Sprache und Integration, Duisburg, September 30th to October 01st, 2010] more
Biedinger, Nicole (2010): How do Turkish and German children acquire early mathematical abilities?. [Trinity Immigration Initiative International Conference 2010 "New Migrations, New Challenges", Dublin, June 30th to July 04th, 2010] more
Biedinger, Nicole (2010): The Influence of Early Sport Activities on Cognitive Development of Preschool Children in Germany. [First International Conference on Sport and Society, Vancouver, March 08th to March 10th, 2010] more