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Gschwend, Thomas, Galen Irwin and Joop van Holsteyn (2005): Clarity of pre-election coalitions and strategic voting in PR systems: The case of the Netherlands. [Annual Politicologenetmaal, the 4th Dutch-Belgium Political Science Conference, Antwerp, May 18th to May 19th, 2005] more
Herrmann, Michael, Susumu Shikano, Paul W. Thurner and Axel Becker (2005): Applying a Generalized Form of Discrete Choice Models to Electoral Studies: Explaining Party Rankings with Exploded Logit. [Jahrestagung des Arbeitskreises Handlungs- und Entscheidungstheorie, Mannheim, June 24th to June 25th, 2005] more
Huan, Qingzhi (2005): 'ASEAN+3': A Rising Actor to frame the Asian Voice in Environmental Global Governance. [2005 Berlin Conference 'International Organization and Global Environmental Governance', Universität Potsdam, December 02nd to December 03rd, 2005] more
Huan, Qingzhi (2005): Nordic Greens and European Integration: The cases of Sweden and Finland. [IB-Sektionstagung der DVPW, Universität Mannheim, October 05th to October 06th, 2005] more
Humrich, Christoph (2005): Inequality and Responsibility: International Law between Facts and Norms (Panel 29-5: Democracy and Legalization). [Third ECPR Conference, Budapest, September 08th to September 10th, 2005] more
Jenny, Marcelo, and Wolfgang C. Müller (2005): 'Delors' Vision and the Sobering Reality of Europeanizing the Legal Order. An Austrian Perspective. [ECPR Joint Session of Workshops, Granada, April 14th to April 19th, 2005] more
Jäger, Angela (2005): The impact of personal core networks on attitudes towards immigrants in Germany. [Sunbelt XXV - International Sunbelt Social Network Conference, Redondo Beach, CA, February 16th to February 20th, 2005] more
Knodt, Michèle (2005): 'The EU as an External Democracy Promoter. A research framework' with Annette Jünemann (Panel 18-1: The EU as an External Democracy Promoter); Civic Society Involvement in EU Trade Policy (Panel 18-4: The Institutional Shaping of EU-Society Relations: th. [Third ECPR Conference, Budapest, September 08th to September 10th, 2005] more
Knodt, Michèle (2005): Theorising the EU as an External Democracy Promoter. [The EU as an External Democracy Promoter, Darmstadt, November 18th to November 19th, 2005] more
Kogan, Irena (2005): Next Year in Jeruslaem ... or in Cologne? Selectivity Patterns and the Economic Progress of Jewish Immigrants from the Former Soviet Union in Israel and Germany in the 1990s. ['Russians' in Israel and Beyond, The Van Leer Jeruslaem Institute, June 08th to June 09th, 2005] more