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Wessler, Hartmut (2023): How can AI help to improve democratic public debate?. [Düsseldorf AI Conference 2023 "Chances and Challenges of AI-driven Decision-Making" , Düsseldorf, June 19th, 2023] more
Wessler, Hartmut (2023): Public sphere theory in the age of generative artificial intelligence: Some thoughts on an unlikely alliance. [Public Sphere in the Age of Conflict and Systemic Crises, London, September 07th to September 08th, 2023] more
Zhang, Chan, and Florian Keusch (2023): Exploring the Effect of Progress Feedback and Incentives on Participant Behaviors in Ecological Momentary Assessment (EMA) Studies. [AAPOR 78th Annual Conference, Philadelphia, PA, May 10th to May 12th, 2023] more
Adendorf, Anna (2022): Topic Order in Election Manifestos. How the Order of Policy Issues Affects Voters' Perceptions of Parties' Key Issues. [European Politics Online Workshop, (virtual workshop), April 12th, 2022] more
Alam, Mehwish, Andreea Iana, Alexander Grote, Katharina Ludwig, Philipp Müller and Heiko Paulheim (2022): Towards Analyzing the Bias of News Recommender Systems Using Sentiment and Stance Detection. [2nd International Workshop on Knowledge Graphs for Online Discourse Analysis (BeyondFacts’22), Lyon, April 25th to April 29th, 2022] more
Arnold, Lena, and Jörg Dollmann (2022): Protected by Faith? Religion and COVID-19 Vaccination among Immigrant and Native Young Adults in Germany. [SSSR+RRA 2022 Annual Meeting , Baltimore, MD, November 11th to November 13th, 2022] more
Axenfeld, Julian B. (2022): Planned Missing Data in Social Surveys: Evaluating Strategies Regarding Their Design and Imputation. [8th bwHPC Symposium, virtual conference, November 28th, 2022] more
Axenfeld, Julian B., Christian Bruch and Christof Wolf (2022): General-purpose imputation of planned missing data in social surveys: different strategies and their effect on correlations. [DAGStat 2022, Hamburg, March 28th to April 01st, 2022] more
Bäck, Hanna, and Marc Debus (2022): Political Polarization and Bargaining Delays: Evidence from the German Federal States. [Paneltagung: Jetzt wird regiert - Aktuelle Herausforderungen der deutschen Koalitionsdemokratie, (virtual conference), March 30th to March 31st, 2022] more
Carteny, Giuseppe (2022): Rally around my flag: Partisan dynamics of institutional confidence during the Covid-19 pandemic. [Italian Political Science Association (SISP) Conference, Rome, September 08th to September 10th, 2022] more