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Allerkamp, Doreen (2016): The Council Presidency and the Greek Debt Crisis: the Predictions of the Presidency Effect. [6th Annual General Conference of the European Political Science Association, Brussels, June 23rd to June 25th, 2016] more
Allerkamp, Doreen (2016): The EU Legislative Process. An Introduction from a Political Science Perspective. Pp. 28-58 in: Grith Skovgaard Ølykke, Albert Sanchez-Graells (Eds.) Reformation or Deformation of the EU Public Procurement Rules. Cheltenham: Edward Elgar Publishing. more
Ariaans, Mareike, and Thomas Bahle (2016): Mapping long-term care systems. [NORFACE Workshop "Health Politics, Health Policy, Long-Term Care and Inequalities, University Mannheim / MZES, October 04th to October 06th, 2016] more
Bader, Felix, Bastian Baumeister, Roger Berger, Marc Keuschnigg and Fabian Thiel (2016): The Transportability of Experimental Results – A Study Conducted in Leipzig and Munich in the Lab and Online. [Workshop "Rational Choice Sociology: Theory and Empirical Applications", Venice International University, Venice, November 21st to November 24th, 2016] more
Bader, Felix, Johannes Bauer, Martina Kroher and Patrick Riordan (2016): Privacy Concerns in Responses to Sensitive Questions. Methods, Data, Analyses, 10, issue 1, pp. 47-72. more
Baumann, Markus (2016): Constituency Demands and Limited Supplies: Comparing Personal Issue Emphases in Co-sponsorship of Bills and Legislative Speech. Scandinavian Political Studies, 39, issue 4, pp. 366-387. more
Baumann, Markus, Hanna Bäck and Johan Bo Davidsson (2016): In line with the party? The role of intra-party politics and gender in Swedish cabinet appointments. [ECPR General Conference, Charles University, Prague, September 07th to September 10th, 2016] more
Becker, Birgit, Elena Boldin and Oliver Klein (2016): Formal and informal early education of Turkish-origin children in Germany. Early Child Development and Care, 186, issue 1, pp. 173-189. more
Bevan, Shaun, and Peter John (2016): Policy Representation by Party Leaders and Followers: What drives UK Prime Minister’s Questions?. Government and Opposition: an International Journal of Comparative Politics, 51, issue 1, pp. 59-83. more
Bevan, Shaun, and Zachary Greene (2016): Looking for the Party? Partisan Effects on Issue Attention in UK Acts of Parliament. European Political Science Review, 8, issue 1, pp. 49-72. more