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König, Thomas, Nick Lin and Katsunori Seki (2017): Challenging Governments: Committee Leadership and the Role of the Opposition in Parliamentary Democracies. [7th Annual General Conference of the European Political Science Association, Milan, June 22nd to June 24th, 2017] more
Lehrer, Roni, Lawrence Ezrow, Hugh Ward and Tobias Böhmelt (2017): Intraparty democracy and responsiveness to rival parties’ policies. Social Science Quarterly, 98, issue 3, pp. 1026–1044. more
Leszczensky, Lars (2017): The Effects of Ethnic Self-Identification on Friendships among Ethnic Majority and Minority Adolescents. [EASP-SPSSI Joint Meeting. "To be both (and more)": Immigration and identity multiplicity, Utrecht, September 15th to September 17th, 2017] more
Leszczensky, Lars (2017): Friendship Networks and Group Identities. [Seminar at the Institute of Analytical Sociology, Linköping University, October 26th, 2017] more
Leszczensky, Lars (2017): What Drives Ethnic Homophily?. [Forschungskolloquium Soziologie, University of Bern, November 04th, 2017] more
Leszczensky, Lars, and Sebastian Pink (2017): Intra- and Inter-group Friendship Choices of Christian, Muslim, and Non-religious Youth in Germany. European Sociological Review, 33, issue 1, pp. 72-83. more
Leszczensky, Lars, and Sebastian Pink (2017): What Drives Ethnic Homophily? How Ethnic Identification Moderates Ingroup Preferences. [3rd European Conference on Social Networks (EUSN2017), Johannes Gutenberg-University, Mainz, September 26th to September 29th, 2017] more
Leszczensky, Lars, Philipp Jugert and Sebastian Pink (2017): Adolescents. Ethnic Self- Identification and the Formation of Interethnic Friendships. [10th Annual Meeting of the International Network of Analytical Sociologists, University of Oslo, June 08th to June 09th, 2017] more
Leszczensky, Lars, Philipp Jugert and Sebastian Pink (2017): The Effects of Ethnic Minority Adolescents' Ethnic Self-Identification on Friendship Selection. [18th General Meeting of The European Association of Social Psychology (EASP), Granada, July 05th to July 08th, 2017] more
Liechti, Fabienne, Flavia Fossati, Giuliano Bonoli and Daniel Auer (2017): The Signalling Value of Labour Market Programmes. European Sociological Review, 33, issue 2, pp. 257–274. more