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Zhang, Nan, and Maria Abascal (2024): Cultural Adaptation and Demographic Change: Evidence from Mexican-American Naming Patterns During the California Gold Rush. Journal of Ethnic and Migration Studies, 50, issue 1, pp. 132-148. more
Abou-Dakn, Michael, Ute Alexy, Kirsten Beyer, Monika Cremer, Regina Ensenauer, Maria Flothkötter, Raimund Geene, Claudia Hellmers, Christine Joisten, Berthold Koletzko, Jutta Mata, Ulrich Schiffner, Irene Somm, Melanie Speck, Anke Weißenborn and Achim Wöckel (2023): Ernährung und Bewegung im Kleinkindalter: Aktualisierte Handlungsempfehlungen des bundesweiten Netzwerks Gesund ins Leben. Monatsschrift Kinderheilkunde, 171, issue Suppl. 1, pp. 7-27. more
Arnold, Christian, Benjamin G. Engst and Thomas Gschwend (2023): Scaling Court Decisions with Citation Networks. Journal of Law and Courts, 11, issue 1, pp. 25-44. more
Arnold, Lena (2023): Hindering/Fostering Integration or vice versa? The Dynamic Role of Religiosity for Three Dimensions of Immigrant Integration in Germany. [SSSR+RRA 2023 Annual Meeting, Salt Lake City, UT, October 20th to October 22nd, 2023] more
Arnold, Lena, Andreas Horr and Jörg Dollmann (2023): CILS4NEPS - Ein harmonisierter Datensatz auf Grundlage von CILS4EU & NEPS SC4. [9. Konferenz für Sozial- und Wirtschaftsdaten, Berlin, March 27th to March 28th, 2023] more
Arnold, Lena, Jörg Dollmann and Andreas Horr (2023): CILS4NEPS – A data harmonization project combining the Children of Immigrants Longitudinal Survey in Four European Countries (CILS4EU) and the National Educational Panel Study (NEPS) in Germany. [10th Conference of the European Survey Research Association, Milan, July 17th to July 21st, 2023] more
Auer, Daniel, and Didier Ruedin (2023): How one gesture curbed ethnic discrimination. European Journal of Political Research, 62, issue 3, pp. 945-966. more
Auer, Daniel, and Max Schaub (2023): Returning from greener pastures? How exposure to returnees affects migration plans. World Development, 169, (article no. 106291), pp. 1-13. more
Auer, Daniel, and Daniel Tetlow (2023): Brexit, uncertainty, and migration decisions. International Migration, 61, issue 4, pp. 88-103. more
Auer, Daniel, Didier Ruedin and Eva van Belle (2023): No sign of increased ethnic discrimination during a crisis: evidence from the Covid-19 pandemic. Socio-Economic Review, 21, issue 3, pp. 1501–1524. more