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Debus, Marc, and Jochen Müller (2013): Do Voters’ Coalition Preferences Affect Government Formation?. West European Politics, 36, issue 5, pp. 1007-1028. more
Debus, Marc, and Jochen Müller (2013): The programmatic development of CDU and CSU since reunification: Incentives and constraints for changing policy positions in the German multi-level system. German Politics, 22, issue 1-2, pp. 151-171. more
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Dollmann, Jörg, and Frida Rudolphi (2013): Classroom composition and achievement. Do context or friends matter more?. [5th Norface Migration Conference, Berlin, November 01st to November 02nd, 2013] more
Domonkos, Tomas, Stefan Domonkos, Miroslava Dolinajcova and Nora Grisakova (2013): The Effect of the Formula Apportionment of the Common Consolidated Corporate Tax Base on Tax Revenue in the Slovak Republic. Ekonomicky casopis/Journal of Economics, 61, issue 5, pp. 453-467. more
Drahokoupil, Jan (2013): Dealing with the fiscal implications of transition costs and reform reversals. [IMF Conference 'Designing fiscally sustainable and equitable pension systems in emerging Europe in the post-crisis world', Vienna, March 18th, 2013] more
Drahokoupil, Jan (2013): Managing flexibility: Employment practices in automotive multinationals in Central and Eastern Europe. [Central and Eastern Europe: Work, Employment and Societies between Transition and Change, Evry, November 21st to November 22nd, 2013] more
Drahokoupil, Jan (2013): Managing flexibility: Responses of automotive MNCs to host country industrial relations in Central and Eastern Europe. [10th European Conference of the International Labour and Employment Relations Association (ILERA), Amsterdam, June 20th to June 22nd, 2013] more
Drahokoupil, Jan, and Stefan Domonkos (2013): Reforming pensions: the limits of diversification. Brussels [ETUI Policy Brief European Economic, Employment and Social Policy; 3/2013] more
Däubler, Thomas (2013): Who buys election manifestos? Analysing manifesto sales before the General Elections in England, 2005 and 2010. [63rd Political Studies Association Annual International Conference, Cardiff, March 25th to March 27th, 2013] more