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Wüst, Andreas M. (2013): Political Representation across Borders. [1st Turkish-German Frontiers of Humanities Symposium (TUGFOH), Istanbul, November 27th to November 30th, 2013] more
Wüst, Andreas M. (2013): Politische Repräsentation von Migranteninteressen. [PRuF Symposium 2013 "Parteien und Ausländer“, Universität Düsseldorf, April 19th to April 20th, 2013] more
Wüst, Andreas M. (2013): Some reflections on surveying electoral candidates. [4th PartiRep Day, Brussels, June 14th, 2013] more
Wüst, Andreas M. (2013): Wahlverhalten von Migranten. [13. Medienforum Migration, SWR, Stuttgart, June 18th, 2013] more
Zapryanova, Galina, and Olena Surzhko-Harned (2013): The Effect of Supranational Identity on Social Values in Europe. [EUSA Thirteenth Biennial Conference, Baltimore, MD, May 09th to May 11th, 2013] more