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Schierholz, Malte (2014): Automating survey coding for occupation. Nürnberg [FDZ-Methodenreport; 10/2014] more
Schierholz, Malte, and Arne Bethmann (2014): Automating Survey Coding for Occupation. [Joint Statistical Meetings 2014, Boston, Mass., August 02nd to August 07th, 2014] more
Schierholz, Malte, Arne Bethmann, Knut Wenzig and Markus Zielonka (2014): Automatic Coding of Occupations : Using Machine Learning Algorithms for Occupation Coding in Several German Panel Surveys. [Statistische Woche, Hannover, September 16th to September 19th, 2014] more
Schmitt, Hermann (2014): Critical Elections in the European Union. [Workshop "Attitudes to Welfare, Migration and Europe. At the Frontier of Survey Research", Università degli Studi di Milano, November 05th to November 06th, 2014] more
Schmitt, Hermann (2014): Critical Elections? Re-alignment, de-alignment, or just tactical voting?. [International Symposium "Governance in Europe: Taking Stock for Moving Forward", Hertie School of Governance, Berlin, May 27th to May 28th, 2014] more
Schmitt, Hermann, and Federico Vegetti (2014): Degree of ideological polarisation. [3rd European Conference on Comparative Electoral Research, Final Conference of the COST Action IS0806, Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, April 25th to April 27th, 2014] more
Schmitt, Hermann, and Paolo Segatti (2014): Micro-level Models of Electoral Behaviour. [Editorial Seminar "The New European Voter", Università degli Studi di Milano, December 11th to December 13th, 2014] more
Schmitt, Hermann, and Patrick Bernhagen (2014): Deliberation, Political Knowledge, and Vote Choice: Results from an Experiment with Second-order Elections. [Seminar Series - College of Administrative Sciences and Economics, Koç University, Istanbul, May 29th to May 30th, 2014] more
Schmitt, Hermann, Sara B. Hobolt and Sebastian Adrian Popa (2014): “Spitzenkandidaten” in the 2014 European Parliament Election: Does Campaign Personalization Increase the Propensity to Turn Out?. [ECPR General Conference, Glasgow, September 03rd to September 06th, 2014] more
Schmitt-Beck, Rüdiger (2014): The 2013 German Federal Election. [COST/The True European Voter: 5th Winterschool on Methodological Issues in Comparative Electoral Analysis, MZES, Mannheim, March 05th to March 09th, 2014] more