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Kalter, Frank (2018): Einstellungen zu Migration und Integration. Was denkt Deutschland?. [4. Gesellschaftlicher Dialog Migration und Integration, Berlin, November 08th to November 09th, 2018] more
Kalter, Frank (2018): Growing Up in Diverse Societies. ["Creating Opportunities"; international Early Years Stakeholders conference about opportunity equality, Berlin, November 12th to November 13th, 2018] more
Kalter, Frank (2018): Perspektiven mittel- und langfristiger Integration. [Forum: Die schaffen das! Zivilgesellschaft, Verwaltung und engagierte Geflüchtete im Zusammenspiel, Maecenata Institut, Mannheim, February 22nd to February 23rd, 2018] more
Kalter, Frank, and Naika Foroutan (2018): Bildungserfolge in migrationsdichten Schulen. [39. Kongress der Deutschen Gesellschaft für Soziologie, Göttingen, September 24th to September 28th, 2018] more
Keusch, Florian, and Ting Yan (2018): The influence of rating scale direction on reliability. [AAPOR 73rd Annual Conference, Denver, CO, May 16th to May 19th, 2018] more
Keusch, Florian, and Trent Buskirk (2018): Getting persnickety about pair-wise Wikis: Investigating the relationship between initial settings for pair-wise Wiki Surveys and respondent engagement using a randomized experiment. [AAPOR 73rd Annual Conference, Denver, Colorado, May 16th to May 19th, 2018] more
Keusch, Florian, Christoph Sajons, Susan Steiner and Mariel McKone Leonard (2018): Using smartphone technology for research on refugees in Germany. [XIX ISA World Congress of Sociology, Toronto, July 15th to July 21st, 2018] more
Keusch, Florian, Frauke Kreuter, Bella Struminskaya and Martin Weichbold (2018): Combining active and passive mobile data collection: A survey of concerns. [BigSurv 2018, Barcelona, October 25th to October 27th, 2018] more
Keusch, Florian, Georg-Christoph Haas, Frauke Kreuter, Sebastian Bähr and Mark Trappmann (2018): Coverage error in smartphone data collection. [General Online Research Conference (GOR18), Cologne, February 28th to March 02nd, 2018] more
Keusch, Florian, Sebastian Bähr, Georg-Christoph Haas, Frauke Kreuter and Mark Trappmann (2018): Nonresponse Error in Passive Mobile Measurement. [Digital Traces Workshop, Bremen, November 08th to November 10th, 2018] more