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Heyne, Stefanie, and Michael Gebel (2012): Where gender matters: school-to-home and school-to-work transition in Muslim Middle Eastern and Northern African (MENA) countries. [20th annual workshop TIY: Transition in Youth: A 20 Year Perspective, Nijmegen, September 05th to September 08th, 2012] more
Hillmann, Henning (2012): Economic Networks as Organizational Foundations of Elite Politics: Evidence from Old Regime France and England. [International Network of Analytical Sociology, Annual Meeting, New York, June 08th to June 09th, 2012] more
Hofäcker, Dirk (2012): Desired retirement ages in Europe: Reconstructing Trends, Determinants and the Impact of Rising Economic Insecurity. [Tel-Aviv University & Clal Insurance Workshop “Retirement Age”, Tel-Aviv University, June 20th to June 21st, 2012] more
Hofäcker, Dirk (2012): Does Institutional Reversal of Early Retirement Policies lead to Changes in Retirement Planning? Evidence from German Survey Data. [Joint Annual Conference of the East Asian Social Policy Research Network (EASP) and the United Kingdom Social Policy Association (SPA) “Social Policy in an Unequal World” University of York, York, July 16th to July 18th, 2012] more
Hofäcker, Dirk (2012): Eager to exit or forced to retire? Exploring Patterns and Determinants of Voluntary and Involuntary Retirement in Europe. [5th Equality, Diversity and Inclusion International Conference, Toulouse, July 23rd to July 25th, 2012] more
Hofäcker, Dirk (2012): Globalization and the Labour Market Situation of Older Workers: Exploring Trends, Challenges and Strategies for Adaptation. [EU Mutual Learning Programme, Thematic Review Seminar on “Employment policies to promote active ageing”, Brussels, June 11th, 2012] more
Hofäcker, Dirk (2012): In line or at odds with public policies? Individual retirement preferences in a changing pension landscape. [ESPAnet Anniversary Conference 2012, University of Edinburgh, September 06th to September 08th, 2012] more
Hofäcker, Dirk, and Elias Naumann (2012): Happy Retirement – Cancelled? Exploring an emergent trend on the German labour market. [ESA RN1 Mid-Term conference "Ageing in the light of crises: Economic crisis, demographic change, and the search for meaning", Umeå University, October 03rd to October 05th, 2012] more
Hofäcker, Dirk, and Moritz Heß (2012): Erwerbstätigkeit älterer Arbeitnehmer im Übergang von der Frühverrentung zum ‚aktiven Altern‘ – Lebenslaufsoziologische Perspektiven. [Experten-Workshop des Bundesinstituts für Bevölkerungsforschung (BiB) „Potenziale gesellschaftlicher Teilhabe älterer Menschen“, Wiesbaden, December 05th, 2012] more
Hofäcker, Dirk, Heike Schröder, Matthew Flynn and Yuxin Li (2012): Does the Promotion of Extended Working Lives Foster the Emergence of New Inequalities? Comparing Trends and Determinants of Work-retirement Transitions in Japan, Germany and the United Kingdom. [Symposium on Asian Perspectives on Social Stratification and Inequality, Center for the Study of Social Stratification and Inequality, Tohoku University, Sendai, October 27th to October 28th, 2012] more