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Hofäcker, Dirk (2012): Does Institutional Reversal of Early Retirement Policies lead to Changes in Retirement Planning? Evidence from German Survey Data. [Joint Annual Conference of the East Asian Social Policy Research Network (EASP) and the United Kingdom Social Policy Association (SPA) “Social Policy in an Unequal World” University of York, York, July 16th to July 18th, 2012] more
Hofäcker, Dirk (2012): Globalization and the Labour Market Situation of Older Workers: Exploring Trends, Challenges and Strategies for Adaptation. [EU Mutual Learning Programme, Thematic Review Seminar on “Employment policies to promote active ageing”, Brussels, June 11th, 2012] more
John, Peter, Anthony Bertelli, Will Jennings and Shaun Bevan (2012): Policy Agendas in British Politics. [Annual Political Studies Association Conference, Belfast, UK, April 03rd to April 05th, 2012] more
Junge, Dirk, and Daniel Finke (2012): Lawmaking in the European Parliament: Who shapes policy proposals and what can we learn from legislative behaviour about that?. [Open Legislative Data Conference, Paris, Science Po, July 06th to July 07th, 2012] more
Kalter, Frank (2012): Ethnic Diversity and Social Integration in European Classrooms. [ECSR Conference “Economic Change, Quality of Life, and Social Cohesion”, Stockholm University, September 24th to September 26th, 2012] more
König, Stefanie, and Dirk Hofäcker (2012): Flexibility vs. predictability: What role do personal preference and individual control play for work-to-family conflict in a globalized Europe?. [ESA RN 13. Interim Meeting “Families, care and work facing the challenges of a globalized world: policies, practices and services”, Catholic University of Milan, September 13th to September 15th, 2012] more
Mader, Matthias (2012): Außen- und sicherheitspolitische Einstellungen in Deutschland, 1981-2007.. [Jubiläumstagung 25 Jahre DVPW-Arbeitskreis „Wahlen und Politische Einstellungen“, Goethe-Universität Frankfurt, June 28th to June 29th, 2012] more
Mader, Matthias (2012): Framingeffekte und Bevölkerungseinstellungen zu einem möglichen Bundeswehreinsatz in Libyen. [Jahrestagung des GLES Young Researcher’s Network, Mannheim, November 29th to November 30th, 2012] more
Mader, Matthias, and Harald Schoen (2012): Framingeffekte und Bevölkerungseinstellungen zu einem möglichen Bundeswehreinsatz in Libyen.. [Jahrestagung des GLES Young Researcher’s Network, Mannheimer Zentrum für Europäische Sozialforschung, November 29th to November 30th, 2012] more
Popa, Sebastian Adrian (2012): What Helps Citizens to Have Consistent Attitudes? A Cross Country Analysis of the Individual and Contextual Determinants of Attitude Constraint.. [Annual Meeting of the American Political Science Association, New Orleans, Lo, August 30th to September 02nd, 2012] more