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Kruse, Hanno (2016): Tracked into separate school lives? Ability tracking and ethnic segregation in German secondary schools. [MZES Conference 2016 "Immigration and Integration in Cross-National Comparison", MZES, Mannheim, November 17th to November 18th, 2016] more
Kruse, Hanno, Sebastian Pink and Lars Leszczensky (2016): Measuring Homophily in Social Networks: How (not) to proceed using Stochastic Actor-Oriented Models for Network Change. [Advanced Siena Users Meeting, ETH, Zürich, February 19th to February 20th, 2016] more
Kurella, Anna-Sophie, Franz Urban Pappi and Thomas Bräuninger (2016): Centripetal and centrifugal incentives in mixed-member proportional systems. [6th Annual General Conference of the European Political Science Association, Brussels, June 23rd to June 25th, 2016] more
König, Thomas, Bernd Luig and Milena Wittwer (2016): Coalition Governance, Strategic Implementation and Compliance with International Law. [74th Annual National Conference of the Midwest Political Science Association (MPSA), Chicago, IL, April 07th to April 10th, 2016] more
LaMarre, Heather L., and Christiane Grill (2016): Political Satire Processing and Policy Opinion Formation: Examining the Mediating Roles of Attitude Homophily and Enjoyment. [The 66th Annual Conference of the International Communication Association, Fukuoka, June 09th to June 13th, 2016] more
Leszczensky, Lars (2016): Are Friendship Choices of Immigrant and Native Adolescents Affected by Immigrants' Host Country Identification? The Role of Relative Group Size. [Seminar Rational Choice Sociology: Theory and Empirical Applications, Venice International University, San Servolo, November 21st to November 24th, 2016] more
Leszczensky, Lars (2016): Are Friendship Choices of Immigrants and Natives Affected by Immigrants’ Host Country Identification? The Role of Relative Group Size. [9th Annual Meeting of the International Network of Analytical Sociologists, Utrecht University, June 03rd to June 04th, 2016] more
Leszczensky, Lars (2016): Does Ethnic Classroom Composition Affect Identity-Based Friendship Choices of Immigrant and Native Adolescents?. [Social Interaction and Society (SIS 2016): Perspectives of Modern Sociological Science, ETH Zürich, May 26th to May 28th, 2016] more
Leszczensky, Lars (2016): Henne oder Ei? Paneldaten und das Problem umgekehrter Kausalität. [38. Kongress der Deutschen Gesellschaft für Soziologie, Universität Bamberg, September 26th to September 30th, 2016] more
Leszczensky, Lars, and Sebastian Pink (2016): Intra- and Inter-group Friendship Choices of Christian, Muslim and Nonreligious Adolescents in Germany. [ECSR 2016 Conference, University of Oxford, September 22nd to September 24th, 2016] more