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Hofäcker, Dirk, Marcel Raab, Michael Ruland, Benno Schönberger and Hans-Peter Blossfeld (2011): GlobalIndex: A Sociological Approach to Globalization Measurement. [Five Years of TransEurope Project. Transnationalisation and Changing Life Course Inequality in Europe, Sofia, May 20th to May 21st, 2011] more
Hofäcker, Dirk, Rumiana Stoilova and Jan R. Riebling (2011): Division of paid and unpaid work - Patterns of Social Inequality: A comparison of Germany, Bulgaria, France and Hungary. [TransEurope Workshop 'Women’s employment in an enlarged Europe – Current developments and their socio-political background', Tallinn, April 28th to April 30th, 2011] more
Hofäcker, Dirk, Sandra Buchholz, Kathrin Kolb and Hans-Peter Blossfeld (2011): The Flexibilization of European Labour Markets and the Development of Social Inequalities. Pp. 295-322 in: Hans-Peter Blossfeld, Sandra Buchholz, Dirk Hofäcker, Kathrin Kolb (Eds.) Globalized Labour Markets and Social Inequality in Europe. Houndsmills, Basingstoke: Palgrave Macmillan. more
Holtz-Bacha, Christina, and Mona Krewel (2011): Rundfunkpolitik. Pp. 158-232 in: Christina Holtz-Bacha (Ed.) Medienpolitik für Europa II: Der Europarat. Wiesbaden: VS Verlag. more
Hooghe, Marc, Sofie Marien and Thomas Gschwend (2011): Gathering Counter-Factual Evidence: An Experimental Study on Voters’ Responses to Pre-Electoral Coalitions. Pp. 413-440 in: Bernhard Kittel, Wolfgang J. Luhan, Rebecca B. Morton (Eds.) Experimental Political Science: Principles and Practices. Basingstoke: Palgrave Macmillan. more
Horr, Andreas (2011): Ethnische Diskriminierung auf dem Mietwohnungsmarkt. Ergebnisse eines Feldexperiments. [Forschungskolloquium: Empirische Sozialforschung des FB Geschichte und Soziologie der Universität Konstanz, Konstanz, May 04th, 2011] more
Horr, Andreas (2011): Explaining residential choices of native and immigrant households in Germany. [Quantitative Methods in the Social Sciences 2 (QMSS2) seminar: Neighbourhood Dynamics and Neighbourhood Effects, Uppsala, June 08th to June 10th, 2011] more
Hubl, Vanessa (2011): Categorical differentiation in the light of deservingness perceptions: Institutional structures of minimum income protection for the disabled and immigrants. [GINI Workshop WP6, University of Antwerp, November 14th to November 15th, 2011] more
Huinink, Johannes, Josef Brüderl, Bernhard Nauck, Sabine Walper, Laura Castiglioni and Michael Feldhaus (2011): Die erste Welle des Beziehungs- und Familienpanels. Pp. 11-26 in: Josef Brüderl, Laura Castiglioni, Nina Schumann (Eds.) Partnerschaft, Fertilität und intergenerationale Beziehungen. Ergebnisse der ersten Welle des Beziehungs- und Familienpanels. Würzburg: Ergon-Verlag. more
Hönnige, Christoph, and Ulrich Sieberer (2011): Germany: Limited Government Agenda Control and Strong Minority Rights. Pp. 21-37 in: Bjorn Erik Rasch, George Tsebelis (Eds.) The Role of Governments in Legislative Agenda Setting. London: Routledge. more