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Barone, Carlo (2007): A New Look at Schooling Inequalities in Italy and their Trends over Time. [Expected and unexpected consequences of educational expansion, Ascona, July 08th to July 13th, 2007] more
Barone, Carlo (2007): A new source of inequality? Fields of study and class attainment in comparative perspective. [Workshop of the EDUC Research Group of the EQUALSOC Network of Excellence, Dijon, November 22nd to November 24th, 2007] more
Barone, Carlo, and Andrea Molle (2007): Così vicini, così lontani: i percorsi di adattamento delle tradizioni buddhiste alla religiosità italiana in Soka Gakkai e Sukyo Mahikari. Pp. 124-146 in: F. Squarcini, M. Sernesi (Eds.) Il buddhismo contemporaneo. Rappresentazioni, istituzioni, modernità. Firenze: Società Editrice Fiorentina. more
Barone, Carlo, and Herman G. van de Werfhorst (2007): Education, cognitive skills and earnings in comparative perspective. ["Social Inequality and Mobility in the Process of Social Transformation?” of the ISA Research Committee 28, Brno, May 24th to May 27th, 2007] more
Barone, Carlo, Mario Lucchini and Simone Sarti (2007): Class and Political Preferences in Europe: A Multilevel Analysis of Trends Over Time. European Sociological Review, 23, issue 3, pp. 373-392. more
Bauer, Gerrit (2007): Educational Constellations of Couples and their Effects on Fertility Decisions. Observing couples with women born between 1964 and 1967 with the German Mikrozensus from 1996 to 2004.. [First Symposium of the DGD-Research Group 'Young Demographers', Rostock, October 18th to October 19th, 2007] more
Bauer, Gerrit (2007): Effects of Different Divorce Probabilities on Female Labor Force Participation and Fertility. [EQUALSOC Summer School on “Changes in the Institutional Arrangement of EU Societies and their Effects on Inequality and Social Cohesion”, Levico (Trento), July 02nd to July 07th, 2007] more
Bayerlein, Bernhard H. (2007): Stalinismus, Opposition und Widerstand in Polen. Die "Affäre Leon Lipski". Pp. 228-252 in: Hermann Weber, Ulrich Mählert (Eds.) Verbrechen im Namen der Idee. Terror im Kommunismus. Berlin: Aufbau-Verlag. more
Bayerlein, Bernhard H. (2007): Zu Aufbau und Destruktion einer Fraueninternationale. Das Internationale Frauensekretariat der Komintern und die Frauenabteilung des Exekutivkomitees der Kommunistischen Internationale. The International Newsletter of Communist Studies, 13, issue 20, pp. 102-104. more
Bayerlein, Bernhard H., and Gleb Albert (Eds.) (2007): The International Newsletter of Communist Studies / Der Internationale Newsletter der Kommunismusforschung / La newsletter internationale des recherches sur le communisme/ Mezdunarodnye issledovanija po kommunizmu. Berlin: Aufbau-Verlag. more