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Ebbinghaus, Bernhard (2007): The Collective Regulation of Occupational Pensions in Europe, Japan, and the USA. [102nd Annual Meeting of the American Sociological Association, New York City, August 11th to August 14th, 2007] more
Ebbinghaus, Bernhard (2007): Encompassing and Multilevel Analysis in Comparative Sociology. [Junge Akademie der BBAW Workshop "Comparative methods in a connected world", Universität Göttingen, July 01st, 2007] more
Ebbinghaus, Bernhard (2007): EU Governance in relation to national welfare states. [CASS Workshop, Beijing, June 14th to June 16th, 2007] more
Ebbinghaus, Bernhard (2007): From Benchmarking to Convergence? Modernizing European Employment Systems until 2010. [Conference: "Changing European Employment and Welfare Regimes. The Impact of the Open Method of Coordination on National Labour Market and Welfare Reforms", Universität Bamberg, February 23rd to February 24th, 2007] more
Ebbinghaus, Bernhard (2007): Reforming Bismarckian Corporatism: The Changing Role of Social Partnership in Continental Europe. [CONNEX Workshop "The Europeanization of reforms in Bismarckian welfare systems", CEVIPOF, Science Po, Paris, March 08th to March 10th, 2007] more
Ebbinghaus, Bernhard (2007): Social Partner's Role in Social Governance and Labour Market Regulation in Europe. [5th Annual ESPAnet Conference, Vienna, September 20th to September 22nd, 2007] more
Ebbinghaus, Bernhard (2007): What Futures for the European welfare states?. [CASS Conference "EU Model under Discussion", Beijing, June 12th to June 14th, 2007] more
Ebbinghaus, Bernhard, and Isabelle Schulze (2007): Krise und Reform der Alterssicherung in Europa. Archiv für Sozialgeschichte, 47, pp. 269-296. more
Ebbinghaus, Bernhard, and Werner Eichhorst (2007): Distribution of responsibility for social security and labour market policy. Country report: Germany. Amsterdam [AIAS Working Paper] more
Ebbinghaus, Bernhard, Claudia Göbel and Sebastian Koos (2007): Mitgliedschaft in Gewerkschaften und Wirtschaftsverbänden: Inklusion und Exklusion in der Organisation wirtschaftlicher Interessen in Europa. [Konferenz "Inklusion und Exklusion: Analysen zur Sozialstruktur und sozialen Ungleichheit", Europäische Akademie, Berlin, October 25th to October 27th, 2007] more