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Quittkat, Christine (2009): The European Commission's Online-Consultations' contribution to democracy. [Workshop: Participation and Legitimation in International Organisations", Sonderforschungsbereich 597 ‚Staatlichkeit im Wandel, Bremen, January 29th to January 30th, 2009] more
Quittkat, Christine (2009): The Europeanization of Professional Interest Intermediation: National Trade Associations in a French-German Comparison. Pp. 125-159 in: Conor McGrath (Ed.) Interest Groups & Lobbying in Europe. Lewiston, N. Y.: Edwin Mellen Press. more
Quittkat, Christine, and Thorsten Hüller (2009): Bringing Civil Society In: The European Union and the rise of representative democracy. [International Conference: Democratising the European Union via Civil Society Involvement? The Case of the Commission’s Online Consultations, EUI/Florence, March 13th to March 14th, 2009] more
Reibling, Nadine (2009): Der Einfluss einer starken Primärversorgung auf die Ungleichheit in der Inanspruchnahme von Gesundheitsleistungen. Das Gesundheitswesen, 71, issue 08/09, pp. A105. more
Reibling, Nadine (2009): The Role of Education in Managing Chronic Illnesses and Its Effects on Quality of Life. [9th European Sociological Association Conference, Lissabon, September 02nd to September 06th, 2009] more
Reibling, Nadine (2009): The Role of Primary Care Physicians in Reducing Health Disparities. [7th Annual ESPAnet Conference, 17-19 September, Urbino, September 17th to September 19th, 2009] more
Reibling, Nadine, and Claus Wendt (2009): Gesundheitszustand und Nutzung von Gesundheitsleistungen im europäischen Vergleich. Zeitschrift für Sozialreform, 55, issue 4, pp. 329-346. more
Reibling, Nadine, Jason Beckfield and Sigrun Olafsdottir (2009): Inequalities in Self-assessed Health and Chronic Illnesses: A Study of Eleven European Nations. [9th European Sociological Association Conference, Lissabon, September 02nd to September 05th, 2009] more
Reibling, Nadine, Sebastian Koos and Christi M. Smith (2009): A Toolbox for Explaining Institutional Change: Theoretical Approaches and Methodological Strategies. [Traleg (EQUALSOC) Institutional Change Project Meeting, Amsterdam, June 18th to June 20th, 2009] more
Reimer, David (2009): Educational Expansion and Inequality in Access to Higher Education in Germany. Mannheim: Universität Mannheim. more