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Weiss, Felix (2009): Social origin and discontinuities in higher education in Sweden and Germany. [ESCR Conference on changing societies in the context of European Union enlargement, Paris, December 11th, 2009] more
Weiss, Felix, and Hanna-Marei Steininger (2009): Social origin and postsecondary educational careers: plans and their pursuit. [EQUALSOC EDUC Group Meeting Differentiation in Higher Education and its Consequences for Social Inequality, Tallinn, June 04th to June 06th, 2009] more
Weiss, Felix, and Hanna-Marei Steininger (2009): Soziale Herkunft, Vorstellungen über den nachschulischen Werdegang und deren Realisierung. [Forschungskolloquium des Hochschulinformationssystems, Hannover, October 27th, 2009] more
Weiss, Felix, and Markus Klein (2009): Mandatory internships and the provision of social, human and cultural capital for the transition from higher education to work (Poster Presentation). [International Sociological Association Research Committee on Social Stratification and Mobility (RC 28), Spring Meeting, Renmin University Peking, May 14th to May 16th, 2009] more
Weiss, Felix, and Mirte M.M. Scholten (2009): Gender difference in the influence of parental class on young adults participation in postsecondary education in the US. [IAB Workshop on Education in Adulthood and the Labour Market, Nürnberg, November 06th to November 07th, 2009] more
Wendt, Claus (2009): Challenges and reform options in health care systems: what can America learn from European countries?. [The American Council on Germany and the European Union Center of Excellence, University of Wisconsin, Madison, January 28th, 2009] more
Wendt, Claus (2009): Confidence in receiving medical care in seven countries. [Harkness Program of Health Policy and Practice, final conference, New York, June 11th to June 12th, 2009] more
Wendt, Claus (2009): Grundprinzipien der sozialen Sicherheit und Gleichheit im Wohlfahrtsstaat. Pp. 135-146 in: Peter Siller, Gerhard Pitz (Eds.) Politik der Gerechtigkeit. Zur politischen Orientierungskraft eines umkämpften Ideals. Baden-Baden: Nomos. more
Wendt, Claus (2009): Ideas and institutions in the field of health care. [Visiting Scholars Seminar, Minda de Gunzburg Center for European Studies, Harvard University, April 01st, 2009] more
Wendt, Claus (2009): Krankenversicherung oder Gesundheitsversorgung? Gesundheitssysteme im Vergleich - 2. überarbeitete Auflage. Wiesbaden: VS Verlag. more