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Ebbinghaus, Bernhard (2009): Institutions and Social Context Matter: Comparing Union Membership in Europe. [EQUALSOC/TRALEG-Workshop: The Demise of Collective Organizations in Europe, AIAS, University of Amsterdam, July 24th to July 25th, 2009] more
Ebbinghaus, Bernhard (2009): International Policy Diffusion or Path Dependent Adaptation: The Changing Public-Private Pension Mix in Europe. [Social Policies: Local Experiments, Travelling Ideas, RC 19 Meeting, University of Montreal, August 20th to August 22nd, 2009] more
Ebbinghaus, Bernhard (2009): Mehr oder weniger: Quantitativer oder qualitativer Vergleich?. Pp. 197-212 in: Susanne Pickel, Gert Pickel, Hans-Joachim Lauth, Detlef Jahn (Eds.) Methoden der vergleichenden Politik- und Sozialwissenschaft: Neuere Entwicklungen und Anwendungen. Wiesbaden: VS Verlag. more
Ebbinghaus, Bernhard (2009): Path Dependency and Departure in Public and Private Pensions in Europe. [ESRC-Seminar Series: Coping with Uncertainty, Cambridge, February 13th, 2009] more
Ebbinghaus, Bernhard (2009): Pension Systems and Old Age Income in Europe. [flexCAREER Workshop, Universität Bamberg, May 15th to May 16th, 2009] more
Ebbinghaus, Bernhard (2009): The Social in Flexicurity: Reconsidering Flexibility and Minimum Income Security. [RISE Kick-off meeting, University Foundation, Brussels, September 30th, 2009] more
Ebbinghaus, Bernhard (2009): Varieties of Pension Governance: The Regulation of Private Pensions in Europe. [Pension Seminar, LSE, London, December 10th, 2009] more
Ebbinghaus, Bernhard (2009): Vergleichende Politische Soziologie: Quantitative Analyse oder qualitative Fallstudiendesigns?. Pp. 481-501 in: Viktoria Kaina, Andrea Römmele (Eds.) Politische Soziologie. Ein Studienbuch. Wiesbaden: VS Verlag. more
Ebbinghaus, Bernhard, and Werner Eichhorst (2009): Germany. Pp. 119-144 in: Paul de Beer, Trudie Schils (Eds.) The Labour Market Triangle: Employment Protection, Unemployment Compensation and Activation in Europe. Cheltenham: Edward Elgar Pub.. more
Ebbinghaus, Bernhard, Claudia Göbel and Sebastian Koos (2009): Inklusions- und Exklusionsmechanismen gewerkschaftlicher Mitgliedschaft – Ein europäischer Vergleich. Pp. 341-359 in: Rudolf Stichweh, Paul Windolf (Eds.) Inklusion und Exklusion: Analysen zur Sozialstruktur und sozialen Ungleichheit. Wiesbaden: VS Verlag. more