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Jenny, Marcelo, Wolfgang C. Müller and Nikolaus Eder (2010): Wie „europäisch“ sind Österreichs Journalisten? Opinion Leaders im Vergleich. Pp. 33–48 in: Andy Kaltenbrunner, Matthias Karmasin, Daniela Kraus (Eds.) Der Journalisten Report III: Politikjournalismus in Österreich. Vienna: Fakultas. more
Junge, Dirk (2010): Game Theoretic Models and The Empirical Analysis of EU Policy Making: Strategic Interaction, Collective decisions and Statistical Inference. Pp. 247-267 in: Thomas König, George Tsebelis, Marc Debus (Eds.) Reform Processes and Policy Change: Veto Players and Decision-Making in Modern Democracies. New York,: Springer. more
Junge, Dirk (2010): Using R for data analysis on cluster computers: distributed computing and statistical modeling with MPI and Rmpi on bwGRiD. [User Meeting of the bwGrid Initiative, Mannheim, October 20th, 2010] more
Junge, Dirk, and Daniel Finke (2010): Locating bill positions in the 6th European Parliament – towards a comprehensive statistical analysis of legislative decision making. [Annual Meeting of the American Political Science Association, Washington, D.C., September 02nd to September 05th, 2010] more
Kalter, Frank (2010): Migrant Networks and Labour Market Integration of Immigrants from the FSU in Germany. [Understanding the Dynamics of Migration: Family, Generations and Inequality, Florenz, March 11th to March 12th, 2010] more
Kalter, Frank (2010): Die stillen Bremsen der strukturellen Integration. [Wie steuerbar ist Integration?, Essen, November 29th, 2010] more
Kalter, Frank, and Irena Kogan (2010): The Children of Immigrants Longitudinal Survey in Four European Countries (CILS4EU). [NORFACE Migration Programme Workshop, London, March 25th to March 27th, 2010] more
Kalter, Frank, and Julia Schroedter (2010): Transnational marriage among former labour migrants in Germany. Zeitschrift für Familienforschung - Journal of Family Research, 22, issue 1, pp. 11-36. more
Kalter, Frank, and Nadia Granato (2010): Different Countries, Different Groups, Same Mechanisms? The Structural Assimilation of the Second Generation in Europe (D, F, GB) and the United States. Pp. 359-380 in: Jens Alber, Neil Gilbert (Eds.) United in diversity? Comparing social models in Europe and America. New York: Oxford University Press. more
Klein, Markus (2010): Educational Expansion and its Impact on the Educational Stratification of Unemployment in Germany - Tracing the Relative Disadvantage of the Less-Educated. [Conference "Transitions into and out of Higher Education - A Changing Context?" of the European Network on Transitions in Youth, Dublin, September 09th to September 11th, 2010] more