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Kreuter, Frauke (2020): Facebook COVID-19 Symptom Survey Partnerships. [Workshop "Data Collection in a time of multiple crises", Australian National University, (virtual), May 21st, 2020] more
Kreuter, Frauke (2020): FairADM - Fairness in Automated Decision-Making. [Kick-Off Event AI Research, BW Stiftung, (virtual), July 13th, 2020] more
Kreuter, Frauke (2020): Implications of Data Privacy Concerns for Empirical Social Science. [Summer Institute 2020 Methods Lectures: Differential Privacy for Economists, (virtual), July 17th, 2020] more
Kreuter, Frauke (2020): Modern Methods for Social Science Research. [Joint Statistical Meetings, ASA, (virtual conference), August 02nd to August 06th, 2020] more
Kreuter, Frauke (2020): NFDI for Business, Economic and Related Data. [NFDI-Konferenz 2020, DFG, (virtual conference), July 08th to July 09th, 2020] more
Kreuter, Frauke (2020): Privacy Concerns. [11th Conference on Health Survey Research Methods (HSRMC), Williamsburg, VA, March 04th to March 07th, 2020] more
Kreuter, Frauke (2020): Registerdaten - Big Data - Forschungslücken. [8. Konferenz für Sozial- und Wirtschaftsdaten, Berlin, March 02nd to March 03rd, 2020] more
Kreuter, Frauke (2020): Social Networks on Smartphones. Congruency of Online and Offline Networks and Their Effect on Labor Market Outcomes. [BigSurv20, (virtual conference), November 06th to December 04th, 2020] more
Kreuter, Frauke (2020): Using Paradata to Evaluate Online Performance. [Beyond results: Paving the way for the use of process data, International Association for the Evaluation of Educational Achievement, (virtual conference), June 17th to June 19th, 2020] more
Kreuter, Frauke (2020): Will Differential Privacy Affect Social Science Research Workflow. [Joint Statistical Meetings, ASA, (virtual conference), August 02nd to August 06th, 2020] more