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Kalter, Frank, and Naika Foroutan (2024): Outgroup mobility threat – how much intergenerational integration is wanted?. Journal of Ethnic and Migration Studies, 50, issue 1, pp. 149-172. more
Karacay, Irem (2024): Don’t you dare speaking this language outside, sweetheart: Silence across generations?. [Interdisciplinary Workshop on Language and Trauma , (virtual), March 18th to March 22nd, 2024] more
Karacay, Irem (2024): Speaking the Unspoken: Utilizing Controversial Content in Online Sampling. [3rd Annual Meth@Mig Workshop: Participant Recruitment Strategies and Sampling Methods in Migration Research, Mannheim, April 25th to April 26th, 2024] more
Kogan, Irena, Irem Karacay, Aigul Alieva, Taylor Kroezen, Auli Toom and Katri Kleemola (2024): Intersectional inequalities in academic achievement in primary and secondary education from a cross-country perspective. [Project PIONEERED Final Conference, Belval, January 30th to February 01st, 2024] more
Kogan, Irena, Markus Weißmann and Jörg Dollmann (2024): Police discrimination and police distrust among ethnic minority adolescents in Germany. Frontiers in Sociology, 9, (Article no. 1231774, pp. 1-15). more
Kuhlemann, Jana, and Irena Kogan (2024): Religion and partner search among young refugees, migrants, and natives in Germany. ["Ungleichheit und Zusammenhalt", Gemeinsame Tagung der DGS-Sektion "Soziale Ungleichheit und Sozialstrukturanalyse" und des Cluster 2 des Forschungsinstituts Gesellschaftlicher Zusammenhalt (FGZ), Bremen, March 05th to March 07th, 2024] more
Kurella, Anna-Sophie, and Milena Rapp (2024): Combining voter preferences with party position estimates from different sources for studying voting behavior and representation. Electoral Studies, 87, (article no. 102734), pp. 12. more
König, Thomas (2024): The dynamics of European integration: causes and consequences of institutional choices. Ann Arbor, MI: University of Michigan Press. more
Lee, Melissa, Nan Zhang and Tilmann Herchenröder (2024): From Pluribus to Unum? The Civil War and Imagined Sovereignty in Nineteenth-Century America. American Political Science Review, 118, issue 1, pp. 127-143. more
Lorenz, Georg, Irena Kogan, Sarah Gentrup and Cornelia Kristen (2024): Non-native Accents among School Beginners and Teacher Expectations for Future Student Achievements. Sociology of Education, 97, issue 1, pp. 1-96. more