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Bevern, Simona (2012): The dynamics of issue ownership in multi-party systems: empirical evidence on party competition in German routine politics. [70th Annual Conference of the Midwest Political Science Association, Chicago, IL, April 12th to April 15th, 2012] more
Biegert, Thomas (2012): Institutions and Labor Market Transitions: Leaving Non-employment in the United Kingdom and Germany. [ECSR/EQUALSOC Conference: Economic Change, Quality of Life and Social Cohesion, Stockholm, September 24th to September 26th, 2012] more
Biegert, Thomas (2012): Transitions out of Non-employment in the United Kingdom and Germany: Who Leaves and Where Do They Go?. [10th Annual ESPAnet Conference, Edinburgh, September 06th to September 08th, 2012] more
Blossfeld, Hans-Peter, Sandra Buchholz, Dirk Hofäcker and Sonia Bertolini (2012): Selective Flexibilization and Deregulation of the Labor Market. The Answer of Continental and Southern Europe. Stato e Mercato, 96, pp. 363-390. more
Blumenberg, Johannes N. (2012): Party Identification - Old but Gold!. [XXIInd World Congress of Political Science der International Political Science Association, Madrid, July 08th to July 12th, 2012] more
Blumenstiel, Jan Eric (2012): Inverse case prioritization. [Wahlstudientreffen AUTNES GLES SELECTS, Wien, November 08th to November 09th, 2012] more
Blumenstiel, Jan Eric, and Joss Roßmann (2012): Does Mode Matter? Initial Evidence from the German Longitudinal Election Study (GLES). [General Online Research (GOR 12), Mannheim, March 05th to March 07th, 2012] more
Blumenstiel, Jan Eric, and Thomas Plischke (2012): Analyzing Intra-Personal Heterogeneity of Voter Decision-Making over Time. [IPSA XXII World Congress of Political Science, Madrid, July 08th to July 12th, 2012] more
Boomgaarden, Hajo G., and Andreas M. Wüst (2012): Religion and Party Positions towards Turkish EU Accession. Comparative European Politics, 10, issue 2, pp. 180–197. more
Bossuyt, Fabienne, Eline De Ridder, Jan Orbie, Elien Sohier and Anne Wetzel (2012): Transcripts of the expert meeting on the substance of EU democracy promotion, Brussels, 2 July 2012. Brussels more