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Gschwend, Thomas, Klara Müller, Simon Munzert, Marcel Neunhoeffer and Lukas Stoetzer (2022): The Zweitstimme Model: A Dynamic Forecast of the 2021 German Federal Election. PS: Political Science and Politics, 55, issue 1, pp. 85-90. more
Gutfleisch, Tamara (2022): Hiring discrimination against foreigners in multi-ethnic labour markets: Does recruiter nationality matter? Evidence from a factorial survey experiment in Luxembourg. Research in Social Stratification and Mobility, 77, issue February, (article no. 100672). more
Gutfleisch, Tamara, and Irena Kogan (2022): Parental occupation and students’ STEM achievements by gender and ethnic origin: Evidence from Germany. Research in Social Stratification and Mobility, 82, pp. 1-12, (article no. 100735). more
Gutfleisch, Tamara, and Robin Samuel (2022): Hiring in border regions: experimental and qualitative evidence from a recruiter survey in Luxembourg. Journal for Labour Market Research, 56, (article no. 21), pp. 1-13. more
Gutfleisch, Tamara, and Irena Kogan (2022): Gender disparities in STEM (=science, technology, engineering, mathematics) scholastic achievement by ethnic origin: Evidence from Germany. [ECSR Annual Conference, Amsterdam, July 06th to July 08th, 2022] more
Gutfleisch, Tamara, and Irena Kogan (2022): Parental Occupation and STEM Scholastic Achievements by Gender and Ethnic Origin: Evidence from Germany. [RC28 Spring Meeting, London, April 21st to April 23rd, 2022] more
Helbing, Marc, Felix Jäger and Richard Traunmüller (2022): Muslim Bias or Fear of Fundamentalism? A Survey Experiment in Five Western European Democracies. Research & Politics, 9, issue 1, (e-only). more
Helbling, Marc (2022): Measuring Immigration Policies and their Effects. [Demscore Workshop, Uppsala University, December 01st to December 02nd, 2022] more
Helbling, Marc, and Sandra Morgenstern (2022): Migration aspirations and the perceptions of the political, economic and social environment in Africa. [Kolloquium der Abteilung Migration, Integration, Transnationalisierung (WZB), (virtual), February 16th, 2022] more
Helbling, Marc, Elisabeth Ivarsflaten, Paul Sniderman and Richard Traunmüller (2022): Inclusion without Assimilation. Open versus Closed Conflicts of Values between Muslims and non-Muslims. [DeZIM FG-Wednesday, (virtual), April 27th, 2022] more