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Jakob, Julia, Timo Dobbrick, Patrik Haffner and Hartmut Wessler (2020): What Facilitates Constructive Engagement? A Dictionary-Based Comparison of Outrage and Recognition Across Online Platforms. [70th Annual ICA Conference (virtual conference), May 20th to May 27th, 2020] more
Joshanloo, Mohsen, and Jochen E. Gebauer (2020): Religiosity's nomological network and temporal change: Introducing an extensive country-level religiosity index based on Gallup World Poll Data. European Psychologist, 25, issue 1, pp. 26-40. more
Jugert, Philipp, Lars Leszczensky and Sebastian Pink (2020): Differential Influence of Same- and Cross-Ethnic Friends on Ethnic-Racial Identity Development in Early Adolescence. Child Development, 91, issue 3, pp. 949-963. more
Jugert, Philipp, Sebastian Pink, Fenella Fleischmann and Lars Leszczensky (2020): Changes in Turkish- and resettler-origin adolescents' acculturation profiles of identification: A three-year longitudinal study from Germany. Journal of Youth and Adolescence, 49, issue 12, pp. 2476–2494. more
Juhl, Sebastian, Roni Lehrer, Annelies G. Blom, Alexander Wenz, Tobias Rettig, Maximiliane Reifenscheid, Elias Naumann, Katja Möhring, Ulrich Krieger, Sabine Friedel, Marina Fikel and Carina Cornesse (2020): Die Mannheimer Corona-Studie: Demokratische Kontrolle in der Corona-Krise. Mannheim [Mannheimer Corona-Studie] more
Jäger, Kai (2020): When Do Campaign Effects Persist for Years? Evidence from a Natural Experiment. American Journal of Political Science, 64, issue 4, pp. 836-851. more
Kapousouz, Evgenia, Christoph Beuthner, Florian Keusch, Henning Silber, Bernd Weiß and Timothey Johnson (2020): The combination of survey and health app data: Sharing behavior, quality assessment, and validation of survey-based health indicators. [BigSurv 20 (virtual conference), November 06th to December 04th, 2020] more
Keusch, Florian (2020): Gamification in Web Surveys, SAGE Research Methods Foundations more
Keusch, Florian, and Frauke Kreuter (2020): Zukunft der Aus- und Weiterbildung in der Markt- und Sozialforschung. Pp. 3-25 in: Bernhard Keller, Hans-Werner Klein, Alexandra Wachenfeld-Schell, Thomas Wirth (Eds.) Marktforschung für die Smart Data World: Chancen, Herausforderungen und Grenzen. Wiesbaden: Springer/Gabler. more
Keusch, Florian, Ruben Bach and Alexandru Cernat (2020): Social desirability in digital trace data collection. [BigSurv 20 (virtual conference), November 06th to December 04th, 2020] more