Denis Cohen, Marcel Neunhoeffer, Oliver Rittmann
Teaching Quantitative Social Science in Times of COVID-19: How to Generate and Distribute Individualized Exams with R and RMarkdown

Methods Bites - Blog of the MZES Social Science Data Lab. 2021. Mannheim: MZES

The COVID-19 pandemic has forced universities around the globe to switch from on-site teaching to online teaching. As a consequence, quantitative social science classes that previously relied on closed-book in-class exams now have to administer open-book take-home exams. A downside of this switch is that it becomes impossible to monitor compliance with no-collaboration rules. Individualizing exam prompts can prevent students from sharing digital answers while taking the exam. Yet generating, distributing, and correcting individualized exams can be highly time consuming unless the procedure is automated. In this Methods Bites Tutorial, Denis Cohen, Marcel Neunhoeffer and Oliver Rittmann present an approach for the automated generation of individualized exam prompts and solution sheets, along with their automated distribution via email, using R and RMarkdown.