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We call for research advancing discussion, debate, literature synthesis, and methods in open science. Such research may apply or discuss a variety of methodological approaches, including, but not restricted to, p-curve analysis, systematic reviews, pre-analysis planning, and replication. We welcome substantive studies from all social sciences that are exemplary in their application of best practices of open science.

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Conference Streams

Debating Open Social Science

This stream showcases research that discusses the state of open science in the social sciences. In the behavioral and social sciences debates about open science are most developed in psychology. This conference extends these debates to disciplines such as communication, sociology, and political science, which stand to benefit just as much from prudent adoption of open science practices. An important part of these debates will center on questions of how various open science practices may be more or less appropriate and effective as they are applied in different epistemological and methodological frameworks, and to different social phenomena. This stream welcomes debate and discussion on why we are and should be doing open science, what the goals of open science are, and engage productively with counter-arguments to some of the developments associated with the open science movement.

Advancing Open Social Science

Given the problems identified in debates over open science, this stream brings forward research offering solutions. Many of these will be methodological solutions such as p-curve analysis, publication bias correction, replication, meta-analyses, and innovative methods. However, general solutions or course corrections that researchers deem necessary to deal with contemporary problems of ‘closed’ science in the social sciences fit here also.

Doing Open Social Science

In this stream, participants present their own substantive research to demonstrate how to best conduct open science. The research presented in this stream may be on any social science topic, but it should showcase rigorous and transparent open science practices in addition to offering interesting substantive findings. “Best practices” are given a wide interpretation but does include pre-registering studies, making workflows more reproducible through online materials such as Jupyter notebooks, and documenting the research process in a way that makes clear how empirical inquiry was conducted based on preexisting theory and hypotheses. Some of these best practices will depend on the type of research conducted (secondary data analysis, survey experiments, etc.). We are interested in bringing together insights into a wide variety of best practices to present to and discuss with our conference participants.

» Submit your extended abstract for a talk at the MZES Open Social Science Conference [ submissions closed ]

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