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Research Programme

The project commenced in June 2006 with exploratory descriptive analyses of the education system, labour markets and welfare states in the ten CEE EU accession countries. We finalized this first project phase with the edited volume “Europe Enlarged. A Handbook of Education, Labour and Welfare Regimes in Central and Eastern Europe” (published at Policy Press) (see Part 1). In the second project phase we conducted comparative analyses on youth labour market integration in CEE countries in comparison to Western European countries using national Labour Force Survey data. The results of this second project phase have been published in a number of international journals and books (see Part 2). In the third project phase, we conducted in-depth analyses of school-to-work transition processes in selected CEE countries, where we could obtain access to high quality longitudinal data sources. The results have been integrated into a large edited volume, titled "Making the Transition: Education and Labor Market Entry in Central- and Eastern Europe" (forthcoming at Stanford University Press) (see Part 3). Finally, in the fourth project phase (which is still ongoing on a voluntary basis after the end of the project) we have prepared/are preparing additional analyses of specific aspects of youth labour market integration in CEE countries (such as the consequences of tertiary education expansion and differentiation, the role of social capital, and the consequences of informal and temporary work). Results have been (/will be soon) submitted as articles to international journals (see Part 4).