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Intermediation of Interests in the European Union
Interessenvermittlung in der Europäischen Union
Médiation des intérêts dans l’Union Européenne
Reprezentacja interesów w Unii Europejskiej

Project information

Directors:Beate Kohler-Koch, Christine Quittkat
Funding: German Research Foundation (DFG)
Duration: 2010 bis 2016

Project content:

EUROLOB II investigates how national and European business interest associations (BIAs) and companies respond to changed conditions of interest intermediation caused by institutional reforms, new consultation procedures and reduced "ear-time" due to enlargement and increased activities of European NGOs. The research is based on the replication of an earlier survey (EUROLOB I, 1999), addressed to BIAs and companies in Germany, Great Britain, France and the EU. For comparative reasons it is extended to Poland and to European NGOs. The quantitative analysis will be supplemented with a series of interviews.