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Our SSDL events typically fall into one of three categories:

  1. Input Talks: As a stand-alone 90 minute event, Input Talks allow presenters to showcase an innovative method or novel data set along with applications. Presenters typically provide code and data that allow participants to replicate the demonstrated procedures. With the consent of presenters, the SSDL will also host these materials in a public repository on GitHub.
  2. Roundtables: Combining the merits of conference panel and roundtable formats, SSDL Roundtables bring together several presenters whose varied research interests share a common methodological framework. Presenters benefit from crowd feedback on their work and help initiate a discussion about the broader opportunities and limitations of the proposed methods for applications in the social sciences.
  3. Workshops: SSDL Workshops offer an applied and interactive introduction to softwares, programming languages, or statistical/econometric methods. All teaching materials are made available to participants and hosted on the SSDL’s GitHub repository.
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