Chung-hong Chan new scientific staff member

Since October 2017 Chung-hong Chan has been working as a researcher at the MZES in research area B in project B1.13 ResTeCo (director Prof. Hartmut Wessler). Chung-hong is finalising his PhD in computational media studies from the Journalism and Media Studies Centre, the University of Hong Kong. His dissertation investigates the temporal relationship between cyberbalkanization (online polarization) and offline political polarization. During his time at the University of Hong Kong, he also worked for the Weiboscope project (, an automatic system to capture and visualise censored microblog messages from China. He has taught courses at the postgraduate level in social media analytics and research methods. He has a Master’s degree in Biostatistics and Epidemiology from the Chinese University of Hong Kong. He also contributed to open source software development, please check his github at