The MZES library is a central service provider for the institute’s scientific staff with the following sectors:

The Europe Library

collects social science literature in the fields of comparative European research and European integration research for the period after 1945.

Its holdings encompass about 50,000 monographs and about 110 journals.

Collection priorities are:

  • Social structure and social inequality (education, occupational classes, labour market, demography)
  • Welfare state research (retirement provision, health policy, family policy, intermediary structures / welfare organizations, social reporting)
  • Migration, integration, ethnic and social conflicts, conflict resolution
  • EU research (development/expansion, legitimy research, institutions, European policies, external relations, international negotiations, political participation, democratization, identity issues)
  • Parties and elections (national and EU election studies, election systems, parliaments, governments, policies, stakeholder organizations)

The Statistics Library

collects extensively in supranational, international, national and subnational statistics of 50 countries with an emphasis on Europe as well as in statistics of international organizations (UN, OECD, etc.)

Collection priorities are:

  • Statistical yearbooks
  • Demographic statistics, including censuses
  • Social statistics
  • Economic statistics
  • Elections

Opening hours:

Mon-Fri 8.00 – 24.00
Sat-Sun 10.00 – 24.00
Borrowing/returning hours: Mon-Fri 8.00 – 19.00


The MZES-OPAC provides exclusively the holdings of the MZES library and is meant for searches. It offers special search functions for the statistics library and direct online access to full texts (

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KVK (Karlsruhe Virtual Catalogue)
For extensive searches the KVK provides documentation of more than 500 million books and periodicals in library and booksellers’ catalogues worldwide. (


Use of the library and conditions of borrowing

The MZES library is located in building A 5, 6 (Part A) on the 1st floor.
The current periodicals are shelved on the ground floor. With the site plan it will be easy for you to find the locations of the individual signatures.

The library is a reference library, borrowing is restricted to MZES members and members of the university staff.

Conditions of borrowing, borrowing rules, conditions of use (PDF, in German)

There are several devices that can be used with the ECUM-Karte, for example.

The MZES library’s current issues of about 110 scientific journals are shelved in the shared periodicals pool on the ground floor.

Search options:
A large number of PCs with internet access as well as one reader-printer for the usage of microforms (microfiches and reels of microfilms) are available for searches. The data can be processed electronically directly on site (Kodak 3000 DSV with editing software). The microform room is open from 8.00-16.00.
Contact for searches:

  • Hermann Schwenger, MZES-Bibliothek Zi. 119a
  • Franz Rothenbacher, Europadatenarchiv Zi. 117

New Acquisitions

Thematic focus - July 2014

Reference books

Ballas, Dimitris; Dorling, Daniel; Hennig, Benjamin D.
The Social atlas of Europe
Bristol [u.a.]: Policy Press, 2014. - IX, 211 S. : zahlr. Kt.
Shelfmark: E.A./Info/Atl/002
Böttcher, Winfried
Klassiker des europäischen Denkens : Friedens- und Europavorstellungen aus 700 Jahren europäischer Kulturgeschichte
Baden-Baden: Nomos, 2014. - 781 S.
Shelfmark: E.K./Info/Pers/006

General, social, economic history

Casanova, Julián
Twentieth-century Spain : a history
New York: Cambridge University Press, 2014. - XIX, 377 S. : Kt.
Shelfmark: E/Allg/091
Hohmann, Sophie
Development in Central Asia and the Caucasus : migration, democratisation and inequality in the post-Soviet era
London [u.a.]: Tauris, 2014. - XIV, 399 S. : graph. Darst.
Shelfmark: ASI/Allg/044

Population, migration, urbanism, social geography

Beer, Mathias; Landeszentrale für Politische Bildung Baden-Württemberg
Baden-Württemberg - eine Zuwanderungsgeschichte
Stuttgart: Kohlhammer, 2014. - 288 S. : Ill., graph. Darst.
Shelfmark: D/Bevgeo/172
Brown, Donathan; Rodriguez, Amardo
When race and policy collide : contemporary immigration debates
Santa Barbara, Calif. [u.a.]: Praeger, 2014. - XXIII, 182 S.
Shelfmark: USA/Bevgeo/064
Cabot, Heath
On the doorstep of Europe : asylum and citizenship in Greece
Philadelphia: Univ. of Pennsylvania Press, 2014. - XII, 257 S.
Shelfmark: GR/Bevgeo/021
Schrover, Marlou
Gender, migration and categorisation : making distinctions between migrants in Western countries, 1945 - 2010
Amsterdam: Amsterdam Univ. Pr., 2013. - 268 S.
Shelfmark: E.K./Bevgeo/505
Triantaphyllidu, Anna
European immigration : a sourcebook
Farnham [u.a.]: Ashgate, 2014. - XXVI, 403 S. : graph. Darst.
Shelfmark: E.K./Bevgeo/350=2

Education, science, research

Maaz, Kai
Die Berliner Schulstrukturreform : Bewertung durch die beteiligten Akteure und Konsequenzen des neuen Übergangsverfahrens von der Grundschule in die weiterführenden Schulen
Münster ; München ; Berlin [u.a.]: Waxmann, 2013. - 304 S. : graph. Darst.
Shelfmark: D/Bild/224
Posey-Maddox, Linn
When middle-class parents choose urban schools : class, race, and the challenge of equity in public education
Chicago [u.a.]: The University of Chicago Press, 2014. - XI, 204 S.
Shelfmark: USA/Bild/047
St. John, Edward P.
Privatization and inequality : comparative studies of college access, education policy, and public finance
New York: AMS Press, 2013. - XIII, 250 S. : graph. Darst.
Shelfmark: E.K./Bild/330
Tietze, Wolfgang
Nationale Untersuchung zur Bildung, Betreuung und Erziehung in der frühen Kindheit (NUBBEK)
Berlin ; Weimar: verlag das netz, 2013. - 172 S. : Ill., graph. Darst.
Shelfmark: D/Bild/223

Labour market, classes, professions, status groups

Balcerzak, Adam P.; Uniwersytet Mikołaja Kopernika / Wydział Nauk Ekonomicznych i Zarza̜dzania
Labour markets after global financial crisis
Toruń: Polish Economic Society, 2013. - 199 S. : graph. Darst.
Shelfmark: E.K./Erwkla/508
Thelen, Kathleen A.
Varieties of liberalization and the new politics of social solidarity
Cambridge [u.a.]: Cambridge University Press, 2014. - XXIII, 250 S. : graph. Darst.
Shelfmark: E.K./Erwkla/507

Monetary, financial institutions

Calame, Claude
Le devenir grec de l'Europe néolibérale
Fécamp: Nouvelles Éd. Lignes, c201. - 228 S.
Shelfmark: E.A./Finanz/185
Peet, John; LaGuardia, Anton
Unhappy union : how the euro crisis and Europe can be fixed
New York: Profile books, 2014. - XV, 220 S. : Ill., graph. Darst.
Shelfmark: E.A./Finanz/186

International relations

Carta, Caterina
EU foreign policy through the lens of discourse analysis : making sense of diversity
Farnham [u.a.]: Ashgate, 2014. - XIII, 300 S.
Shelfmark: E.A./Intbez/578

Religion, culture, media

Cvjetičanin, Biserka
Networks : the evolving aspects of culture in the 21st century
Zagreb: Inst. for Internat. Relations, 2011. - III, 281 S. : Ill., graph. Darst.
Shelfmark: ALLG/Kultur/078
Göle, Nilüfer
Islam and public controversy in Europe
Farnham[u.a.]: Ashgate, 2013. - XVI, 262 S.
Shelfmark: E.K./Kultur/134
Keister, Lisa A.
Religion and inequality in America : research and theory on religion's role in stratification
New York, NY: Cambridge University Press, 2014. - XX, 359 S. : graph. Darst.
Shelfmark: USA/Kultur/008

EU member states

Antevski, Miroslav; Mitrović, Dragana
Western Balkans : from stabilization to integration
Belgrade: Inst. for International Politics and Economics, 2012. - 493 S. : graph. Darst., Kt.
Shelfmark: E.A./MGS/478
Copeland, Paul
EU enlargement, the clash of capitalisms and the European social dimension
Manchester [u.a.]: Manchester University Press, 2014. - XII, 148 S.
Shelfmark: E.A./MGS/479

Nationalism, minorities, regionalism

Balvín, Jaroslav; Kwadrans, Łukasz; Kjučukov, Christo S.
Roma in Visegrad Countries : history, culture, social integration, social work and education
Wrocław: Foundation of Social Integration "Prom", 2013. - 500 S. : Ill.
Shelfmark: E.K./Nation/436
Peykovska, Penka; Demeter, Gábor
Regions, borders, societies, identities in Central and Southeast Europe, 17th-21st centuries : collected studies
Sofia ; Budapest: Institute of History, RCH, HAS, 2013. - 275 p. : Ill
Shelfmark: E.K./Nation/435
Szalai, Júlia
Migrant, Roma and post-colonial youth in education across Europe : being 'visibly different'
Basingstoke [u.a.]: Palgrave Macmillan, 2014. - XIII, 268 S. : graph. Darst.
Shelfmark: E.K./Nation/437

Political parties, elections, participation, elites, public opinion

Avril, Emmanuelle
Democracy, participation and contestation : civil society, governance and the future of liberal democracy
Abingdon ; New York, NY: Routledge, 2014. - XVIII, 301 S. : Ill.
Shelfmark: E.K./Polsoz/1101
Kübler, Daniel; Stojanović, Nenad
Demokratie in der Europäischen Union : ein Schweizer Beitrag zur Debatte
Zürich ; Basel ; Genf: Schulthess Jurist. Medien, 2014. - VI, 202 S. : graph. Darst.
Shelfmark: E.A./Polsoz/285
Magone, José M.
Politics in contemporary Portugal : democracy evolving
Boulder [u.a.]: Rienner, 2014. - XII, 295 S. : graph. Darst.
Shelfmark: P/Polsoz/017
Rapeli, Lauri
The conception of citizen knowledge in democratic theory
Basingstoke [u.a.]: Palgrave Macmillan, 2014. - VIII, 117 S.
Shelfmark: THEO/Polsoz/183
Soborski, Rafal
Ideology in a global age : continuity and change
: , 2013. - VIII, 220 S.
Shelfmark: THEO/Polsoz/182
Springer, Nicole P.
A history of voting rights for parliamentary elections in the United Kingdom
New York: Nova Science Pub Inc, 2014. - X, 146 S. : graph. Darst.
Shelfmark: GB/Polsoz/264
Weßels, Bernhard
Voters on the move or on the run?
Oxford [u.a.]: Oxford Univ. Press, 2014. - VIII, 357 S. : graph. Darst.
Shelfmark: ALLG/Polsoz/315
Abente Brun, Diego
Clientelism, social policy, and the quality of democracy
Baltimore, Md.: Johns Hopkins Univ. Press, 2014. - XIV, 267 S. : graph. Darst.
Shelfmark: E.K./Polsoz/1100

Regional policy, integration of minorities

Sobczyński, Marek; Rykała, Andrzej; Instytut Śląski w Opolu
Historical regions in the structures of European Union : Region and regionalism : general issues and policy of European Union towards historical regions
Łódź ; OpoleOpole [u.a.]: Wydawnictwo Instytut Śląski, 2011. - 155 S. : graph. Darst.
Shelfmark: E.A./Region/282

Welfare state, social policy, public health

Boukris, Sauveur
Demain, vieux, pauvres et malades! : comment échapper au crash sanitaire et social
Paris: Editions du Moment, 2014. - 224 S.
Shelfmark: F/Sozsta/175
Hämäläinen, Timo J.
Well-being and beyond : broadening the public and policy discourse
Cheltenham [u.a.]: Edward Elgar, 2014. - XII, 356 S. : graph. Darst.
Shelfmark: ALLG/Sozsta/223
Jensen, Carsten
The right and the welfare state
Oxford: Oxford Univ. Press, 2014. - XI, 155 S. : graph. Darst.
Shelfmark: E.K./Sozsta/987
Jimenez, Jillian
Social policy and social change : toward the creation of social and economic justice
Los Angeles: SAGE, 2015. - XII, 497 S. : Ill., graph. Darst.
Shelfmark: USA/Sozsta/169
Kruse, Agneta; Ståhlberg, Ann-Charlotte
Welfare economics : theory, empirical results and the Swedish experience
Lund: Studentlitteratur, 2013. - 199 S. : graph. Darst.
Shelfmark: S/Sozsta/037
Price, Natt B.
Sustainability of state and local government pension plans : trends & strategies
New York: Nova Science Publishers, 2013. - VIII, 79 S. : graph. Darst.
Shelfmark: USA/Sozsta/168
Schiek, Dagmar
The EU Economic and Social Model in the Global Crisis : Interdisciplinary Perspectives
Farnham: Ashgate Publishing, 2013. - XII, 209 S. : graph. Darst.
Shelfmark: E.A./Sozsta/473

Constitution, european treaties, government, administration, law

Chandler, J. A.
Comparative public administration
London [u.a]: Routledge, 2015. - XII,254 S.
Shelfmark: E.K./Staat/643
Kelemen, R. Daniel
Lessons from Europe? : what can Americans learn from European public policies
Los Angeles [u.a.]: Sage, 2014. - XVI, 220 S. : graph. Darst.
Shelfmark: E.K./Staat/644

Inequality, mobility, social stratification

Forgacs, David
Italy\'s margins : social exclusion and nation formation since 1861
Cambridge [u.a.]: Cambridge University Press, 2014. - XIV, 324 S. : Ill.
Shelfmark: I/Unglei/019
Greig, Alastair; Hulme, David; Turner, Mark
Challenging global inequality : development theory and practice in the 21st century
Basingstoke, Hampshire [u.a.]: Palgrave Macmillan, 2007. - XIV, 296 S.
Shelfmark: THEO/Unglei/072
Rehbein, Boike
Globalization and inequality in emerging societies
Basingstoke [u.a.]: Palgrave Macmillan, 2011. - XII, 283 S. : graph. Darst.
Shelfmark: ALLG/Unglei/154
Walker, Robert
The shame of poverty
Oxford: Oxford Univ. Press, 2014. - IX, 231 S. : graph. Darst.
Shelfmark: ALLG/Unglei/155

Trade unions, employers' organisations, associations at EU level

Cammett, Melani Claire
The politics of non-state social welfare
Ithaca [u.a.]: Cornell University Press, 2014. - VIII, 316 S.
Shelfmark: ALLG/Verbän/046

Economic structure and -growth, entrepreneurs, internal market

Bański, Jerzy
Local and regional development : challenges and policy issues
Warsaw: Institute of Geography and Spatial Organization PAS, 2012. - 161 S. : graph. Darst.; Ill.
Shelfmark: E.K./Wirt/414
Iordachi, Constantin
The collectivization of agriculture in communist Eastern Europe : comparison and entanglements
Budapest [u.a.]: CEU Press, Central European Univ. Press, 2014. - VII, 557 S. : Kt.
Shelfmark: OE/Wirt/201
Tittenbrun, Jacek
Anti-capital : human, social and cultural ; the mesmerising misnomers
Farnham [u.a.]: Ashgate, 2013. - 330 S.
Shelfmark: THEO/Wirt/076

Literature about Software (separate location)

Cox, Nicholas J.
Speaking stata graphics : a collection from the Stata Journal
College Station, Tex.: Stata Press Publ., 2014. - XII, 345 S. : graph. Darst.
Shelfmark: EDV/STAT/STATA/100