The MZES library is a central service provider for the institute’s scientific staff and includes the following sectors:

The Europe Library

collects social science literature in the fields of comparative European research and European integration research for the period after 1945.

Its holdings encompass about 50,000 monographs and all journals licensed for the Mannheim University campus.

Collection priorities are:

  • Social structure and social inequality (education, occupational classes, labour market, demography)
  • Welfare state research (retirement provision, health policy, family policy, intermediary structures / welfare organizations, social reporting)
  • Migration, integration, ethnic and social conflicts, conflict resolution
  • EU research (development/expansion, legitimy research, institutions, European policies, external relations, international negotiations, political participation, democratization, identity issues)
  • Parties and elections (national and EU election studies, election systems, parliaments, governments, policies, stakeholder organizations)

The Statistics Library

collects extensively in supranational, international, national and subnational statistics of 50 countries with an emphasis on Europe as well as in statistics of international organizations (UN, OECD, etc.)

Collection priorities are:

  • Statistical yearbooks
  • Demographic statistics, including censuses
  • Social statistics
  • Economic statistics
  • Elections

Opening hours:

Mon-Fri 8.00 – 22.30
Sat-Sun 10.00 – 22.30
Borrowing/returning hours: Mon-Fri 8.00 – 18.00


The MZES-OPAC provides exclusively the holdings of the MZES library and is meant for searches. It offers special search functions for the statistics library and direct online access to full texts (

Primo (total holdings of the MZES library and all university departmental libraries including all campus-wide available electronic periodicals, e-books, and data banks)  (

KVK (Karlsruhe Virtual Catalogue)
Book search interface for more than hundreds of million books and serials in library and book trade catalogs worldwide.


Use of the library and conditions of borrowing

The MZES library is located in building A 5, 6 (Part A) on the 1st floor.
The current periodicals are shelved on the ground floor. The site plan help you to locate the relevant volume according to its individual shelfmark.

The library is a reference library, borrowing is restricted to MZES and  university staff member.

Conditions of borrowing, borrowing rules, conditions of use (PDF, in German)

Several self-service photocopying machines to use with the  ECUM card, as well as free scanners to use with personal USB flash drives are available in the library.

The MZES library’s current issues of scientific journals are shelved in the shared periodicals pool on the ground floor.

Search options:
A large number of PCs with internet access as well as one reader-printer for the usage of microforms (microfiches and reels of microfilms) are available for searches. The data can be processed electronically directly on site (Kodak 3000 DSV with editing software). The microform room is accessible by appointment.
Contact for searches:

  • Franz Rothenbacher, Europadatenarchiv Room No 119a
  • Brigitte Reiss, Library Room No 129

New Acquisitions

Thematic focus - October 2017

Reference books

Hooghe, Liesbet
Measuring international authority
Oxford : Oxford University Press, 2017
Shelfmark: ALLG/Info/Handb/115

Kennett, Patricia
Handbook of European social policy
Cheltenham, UK ; Edward Elgar Publishing, 2017
Shelfmark: E.A./Info/Handb/031

EU Integration

Drozdiak, William
Der Zerfall : Europas Krisen und das Schicksal des Westens
Zürich : Orell Füssli Verlag, 2017
Shelfmark: E.A./Allg/608

General, social, economic history

Blume, Georg
Der Frankreich-Blues : wie Deutschland eine Freundschaft riskiert
Hamburg : Edition Körber, 2017
Shelfmark: E.K./Allg/293

Population, migration, urbanism, social geography

Erel, Umut
Migrant women transforming citizenship : life stories from Britain and Germany
London : Routledge, 2016
Shelfmark: E.K./Bevgeo/537

Nowicka, Magdalena
Migration and social remittances in a global Europe
London : Palgrave Macmillan, an imprint of Springer Nature, 2016
Shelfmark: E.K./Bevgeo/538

Family, household, kinship

Byer, Silvia Giovanardi
Representations of female identity in Italy : from neoclassism to the 21st century
Newcastle upon Tyne, UK : Cambridge Scholars Publishing, 2017
Shelfmark: I/Famil/031

Green, Andy
The crisis for young people : generational inequalities in education, work, housing and welfare
Cham : Palgrave Macmillan, 2017
Shelfmark: GB/Famil/119

International relations

Jakob, Christian
Diktatoren als Türsteher Europas : wie die EU ihre Grenzen nach Afrika verlagert
Berlin : Ch. Links Verlag, 2017
Shelfmark: E.A./Intbez/628

Religion, culture, media

Nelis, Jan
Religion and secularism in the European Union : state of affairs and current debates
Bruxelles ; P.I.E. Peter Lang, 2017
Shelfmark: E.A./Kultur/089

Vorderer, Peter
Permanently online, permanently connected : living and communicating in a POPC world
New York ; Routledge, Taylor & Francis Group, 2018
Shelfmark: ALLG/Medien/052

Nationalism, minorities, regionalism

Jiménez, Tomás R.
The other side of assimilation : how immigrants are changing American life
Oakland, California : University of California Press, 2017
Shelfmark: USA/Nation/041

Political parties, elections, participation, elites, public opinion

Dallmayr, Fred R.
Democracy to come : politics as relational praxis
New York, NY : Oxford University Press, 2017
Shelfmark: ALLG/Polsoz/357

Ellis, Christopher
Putting inequality in context : class, public opinion, and representation in the United States
Ann Arbor : University of Michigan Press, 2017
Shelfmark: USA/Polsoz/244

Golder, Sona Nadenichek
Multi-level electoral politics : beyond the second-order election model
Oxford : Oxford University Press, ECPR, 2017
Shelfmark: E.K./Polsoz/1203

Ham, Carolien van
Myth and reality of the legitimacy crisis : explaining trends and cross-national differences in established democracies
Oxford : Oxford University Press, 2017
Shelfmark: E.K./Polsoz/1201

Ignazi, Piero
Party and democracy : the uneven road to party legitimacy
New York ; Oxford University Press, 2017
Shelfmark: E.K./Polsoz/1199

Ihalainen, Pasi
Parliament and parliamentarism : a comparative history of a European concept
New York ; Berghahn Books, 2016
Shelfmark: E.K./Polsoz/1202

Stone, Walter J.
Candidates and voters : ideology, valence, and representation in US elections
Cambridge : Cambridge University Press, 2017
Shelfmark: USA/Polsoz/243

Ziblatt, Daniel
Conservative parties and the birth of democracy
Cambridge, United Kingdom : Cambridge University Press, 2017
Shelfmark: E.K./Polsoz/1200

Welfare state, social policy, public health

Anderson, K. Kai
Retire on real estate : building rental income for a safe and secure retirement
New York, NY ; AMACOM, American Management Association, 2018
Shelfmark: ALLG/Sozsta/251

Taylor-Gooby, Peter
After Austerity : Welfare State Transformation in Europe after the Great Recession
Oxford : Oxford University Press, 2017
Shelfmark: E.A./Sozsta/490

Constitution, european treaties, government, administration, law

Maduro, Miguel Poiares
The transformation of Europe : twenty-five years on
Cambridge, United Kingdom ; Cambridge University Press, 2017
Shelfmark: E.A./Staat/570

Polese, Abel
Post-socialist informalities : power, agency and the construction of extra-legalities from Bosnia to China
London ; Routledge, Taylor & Francis Group, 2018
Shelfmark: E.K./Staat/683

Soyaltin, Digdem
Europeanisation, good governance and corruption in the public sector : the case of Turkey
London ; Routledge, 2017
Shelfmark: TR/Staat/020

Inequality, mobility, social stratification

Boatcă, Manuela
Global inequalities in world-systems perspective : theoretical debates and methodological innovations
New York ; Routledge, Taylor & Francis Group, 2018
Shelfmark: ALLG/Unglei/184

Davis, Shannon N.
Gender in the twenty-first century : the stalled revolution and the road to equality
Oakland, California : University of California Press, 2017
Shelfmark: USA/Unglei/091

Gans, Herbert J.
Sociology and social policy : essays on community, economy, and society
New York : Columbia University Press, 2017
Shelfmark: USA/Unglei/090

Jodhka, Surinder S.
Inequality in capitalist societies
London ; Routledge, Taylor & Francis Group, 2018
Shelfmark: E.K./Unglei/180

Trade unions, employers' organisations, associations at EU level

Mahmood, Zaad
Globalization and labour reforms : the politics of interest groups and partisan governments
New Dehli : Oxford University Press, 2017
Shelfmark: ASI/Verbän/004

Economic structure and -growth, entrepreneurs, internal market

Baruphakēs, Giannēs
Die ganze Geschichte : meine Auseinandersetzung mit Europas Establishment
München : Verlag Antje Kunstmann, 2017
Shelfmark: GR/Wirt/023