Gender Inequalities and the Development of Family Law

Research question/goal: 

New developments in family law and social law are investigated from a comparative and interdisciplinary perspective against the background of changing structures of work, family, partnership and gender relations. The analysis of gender models underlying legal norms is one central aspect. Further research areas realized in the context of the 'Heisenberg research fellowship' of the German Science Foundation (DFG) are new trend in social law (Long-Term Care Insurance; law and social service provision; patients' rights; data protection of 'social data'), researched from an internal and external perspective upon law. The intention is to analyse possibilities and limits of legal claims from a social science-perspective, overcoming traditional borderlines among legal subsystems.

Fact sheet

Heisenbergstipendium der DFG
1998 to 2000
Data Sources: 
qualitative analysis
Geographic Space: 
FRG, Belgium, Sweden, UK, EU



Scheiwe, Kirsten (1999): Kinderkosten und Sorgearbeit im Recht: eine rechtsvergleichende Studie. Frankfurt am Main: Klostermann. more