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Kogan, Irena (2012): Immigrants' initial steps in Germany and their later economic success. [Joint workshop The Role of Institutional Practices for Building Successful Mutlicultural Societies between University of Toronto and Goethe University Frankfurt, University of Toronto, June 25th to June 26th, 2012] more
Kogan, Irena (2012): Potenziale nutzen! Determinanten und Konsequenzen der Anerkennung von Bildungsabschlüssen bei Zuwanderern aus der ehemaligen Sowjetunion in Deutschland. Kölner Zeitschrift für Soziologie und Sozialpsychologie, 64, issue 1, pp. 67-89. more
Kogan, Irena (2012): The right skills for employment in Europe: The role of education. [EU Conference New Skills and Jobs: Which employment pathways for Europe?, University of Cyprus, Nicosia, September 28th, 2012] more
Kogan, Irena (2012): The role of Education for Labour Market Entry. [International Bulgaria 2020 in Europe 2020 Conference - The Social Sciences Contribution, Sofia, October 25th, 2012] more
Kogan, Irena (2012): Tertiary education landscape and labour market chances of the highly educated in Central and Estern Europe. European Sociological Review , 28, issue 6, pp. 701-703. more
Kogan, Irena (2012): Tolerance values among ethnic minority youths in Western European countries. [CILS4EU Meeting, Mannheim, January 19th to January 21st, 2012] more
Kogan, Irena (2012): Value orientation among ethnic minority youths in European countries. [Social Science Research Centre Berlin (WZB), Research Unit Migration, Integration, Transnationalization, Berlin, December 14th, 2012] more
Kogan, Irena (2012): Value orientations of ethnic minority youths in four Western European countries. [European Consortium for Social Research (ECSR/EQUALSOC) Conference Economic Change, Equality of Life and Social Cohesion, Stockholm University, September 24th to September 26th, 2012] more
Kogan, Irena, and Clemens Kroneberg (2012): Tolerance values among ethnic minority youths in Western European countries. [Norface Conference, Mannheim, March 29th to March 31st, 2012] more
Kogan, Irena, Michael Gebel and Clemens Noelke (2012): Educational systems and inequalities in educational attainment in Central and Eastern European countries. Studies of Transition States and Societies, 4, issue 1, pp. 69-83. more