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Stoffel, Michael, and Lisa Maria Dellmuth (2011): Why is Regional Development Aid Ineffective? The Constituency-level Allocation of EU Structural Funds. [69th Annual National Conference of the Midwest Political Science Association, Chicago, March 31st to April 03rd, 2011] more
Tausendpfund, Markus (2011): 30 Jahre Direktwahlen zum Europäischen Parlament: viel Information, zu wenig Analyse. Zeitschrift für Parlamentsfragen, 42, issue 3, pp. 668-669. more
Tausendpfund, Markus (2011): Sozialkapital und politische Unterstützung der Europäischen Union. [3-Länder-Tagung: Politische Integration, Basel, January 13th to January 14th, 2011] more
Tausendpfund, Markus, and Daniela Braun (2011): Einstellungen gegenüber Immigranten und die Zustimmung zur weiteren Europäischen Integration. [3-Länder-Tagung: Politische Integration, Basel, January 13th to January 14th, 2011] more
Tausendpfund, Markus, Jessica Rauch, Georg Luberda and Julia Rathke (2011): Service Learning - Politische Partizipation. [Verleihung des Service Learning-Lehrpreises 2011 mit Informationsveranstaltung, Mannheim, May 04th, 2011] more
Teperoglou, Eftichia, and Emmanouil Tsatsanis (2011): A new divide? The impact of globalization on national party systems. West European Politics, 34, issue 6, pp. 1207–1228. more
Teperoglou, Eftichia, Ioannis Andreadis and Emmanouil Tsatsanis (2011): The structure of ideological space in Greece: mapping political parties' and voters' preferences. Hellenic Political Science Review, 38, pp. 5-32 . more
Theocharis, Yannis (2011): The influence of Postmaterialist Orientations on Young British People’s Offline and Online Political Participation. Representation, 47, issue 4, pp. 435-455. more
Theocharis, Yannis (2011): Young People, Political Participation and Online Postmaterialism in Greece. New Media & Society, 13, issue 2, pp. 203-223. more
Tieben, Nicole (2011): Parental Resources and Relative Risk Aversion in Intra-secondary Transitions: A Trend Analysis of Non-standard Educational Decision Situations in the Netherlands. European Sociological Review, 27, issue 1, pp. 31-42. more