EUROLOB II - Europeanization of Interest Intermediation

Research question/goal: 

EUROLOB II investigates if and how national and European business interest associations (BIAs) respond with modified strategies of interest intermediation to the new competitive situation caused by enlargement (reduced "ear-time") and the new consultation regime of the Commission, which institutionalised the principle of "participatory governance" and new procedures promoting the access of European NGOs. The research is based on the replication of an earlier survey (EUROLOB I, 1999), addressed to BIAs in Germany, Great Britain, France and the EU. For comparative reasons it has been extended to cover BIAs in Poland and European level general interest associations. The quantitative analysis is supplemented with a series of interviews.

Current stage: 

The project is currently in the stage of data analysis and preparation of publications. The quantitative data have been analysed. Empirical research was complemented by more than 100 interviews with German business associations and their counterparts in Brussels. In addition, a short survey was launched to get supplementary information on EU-level NGOs.
Results of our research were presented at the Annual Research Symposium on Centrifugal Europe, University of Wroclaw; at the Pan-European Conference on the European Union, Den Haag and in lectures at the Department of Public Administration, Faculty of Social Sciences, Erasmus University Rotterdam, at the Akademie für Politische Bildung Tutzing, and at the Deutsch-Französisches Institut in Ludwigsburg. These papers are the groundwork for the publications planned for 2015.

Fact sheet

2010 to 2016
Data Sources: 
survey; interviews
Geographic Space: 
Germany, Great Britain, France, Poland, EU



Knodt, Michèle, Christine Quittkat and Justin Greenwood (Eds.) (2012): Functional and Territorial Interest Representation in the EU. London and New York: Routledge. [Originally published as special issue of Journal of European Integration] more