Heidelberg Study 2009 - Online Survey

Research question/goal: 

In 2009, the seventh edition of the so-called "Heidelberg-Studie" (Heidelberg Study), a representative survey among the citizens of Heidelberg co-conceptualized by students, will not only be conducted by telephone, but for the first time also online (optional by mail). At the MZES, the online component (offline recruited interviewees) of the study will be realized. Since identical surveys will be conducted by telephone and online, various comparative analyses of respondent behaviour by survey method will be possible. Further, research questions are linked to various completed and ongoing projects at the MZES, f.i. on "European Parliament elections", "local elections", "comparability of family and work" and the "electoral behaviour of naturalized citizens". Data was assessed, cleaned and provided for analyses. First descriptive analyses have been done and were presented to the public. Data will still be used for analyses.

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Stadt Heidelberg
2009 to 2011
Data Sources: 
Online survey (with a mail option)
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