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Krieger, Ulrich, Klaus Pforr und Laura Castiglioni (2007): The Effect of Incentives on Response Rates and Panel Attrition: Results of a Controlled Experiment. [Americal Association of Public Opinion Research 62nd Annual Conference, Anaheim, CA, 17. bis 20. Mai 2007] mehr
König, Thomas (2007): Barry R. Weingast: "Second Generation Fiscal Federalism: Implications for Decentralized Democratic Governance and Economic Developement". [Conference on Fiscal Federalism: Intergovernmental Relations, Competition and Accountability, Social Science Research Center Berlin (WZB), 18. bis 20. Oktober 2007] mehr
König, Thomas (2007): The Delegation of transition powers in the member states of the EC. [2. Konferenz des DFG-Schwerpunktprogramms Institutionelle Gestaltung föderaler Systeme, Wissenschaftszentrum Berlin für Sozialforschung (WZB), 31. August bis 02. September 2007] mehr
König, Thomas (2007): Designing tools for ex ante resource policy assessment. [4th ECPR General Conference, The implementation of community law in the member states of the European Union, University of Pisa, 06. bis 09. September 2007] mehr
König, Thomas (2007): Domestic structures and European Integration. A multi-stage two-level analysis of constitution building in the European Union: research design and first results. [5th DAAD-Summer School 2007 on The European Constitution-building Process, Europäische Akademie Otzenhausen, Nonnweiler, 19. bis 29. August 2007] mehr
König, Thomas (2007): Is qualified Majority voting more effective. [Connex Workshop: New Modes of Governance, Sciences Po, 29. November 2007] mehr
König, Thomas (2007): Why do veto players waste their time. [The Impact of Enlargement on the EU Institutions, Prague, 22. bis 23. November 2007] mehr
König, Thomas (2007): Why don’t Veto players use their power?. [APPC Summer School, Turku School of Economics, 20. bis 22. September 2007] mehr
König, Thomas (2007): Why risk popular failure? A comparative study on the choice of the ratification instrument in 25 member states of the EU. [New Doctrinal Perspectives and Empirical Findings, Separation of powers, University of Haifa, 19. bis 21. Dezember 2007] mehr
Larat, Fabrice (2007): Building the European Research Arena: A Contribution to the Process of European Integration?. [Politics in Europe. Interactions between domestic and supranational arenas, University of Sienna, 23. Mai 2007] mehr