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Vegetti, Federico (2012): Party polarization and the balance between ideology and competence in Europe. [ELECDEM Final Conference - Advancing Electoral Research, Florence, 28. bis 30. Juni 2012] mehr
Vegetti, Federico (2012): Party polarization and the balance between ideology and evaluation in Europe. [EPOP Conference, Oxford, 07. bis 09. September 2012] mehr
Vegetti, Federico (2012): Party polarization as a constraint for the voter's choice in multiparty systems: Evidence from the Netherlands. [Annual MPSA Meeting, Chicago, 12. bis 15. April 2012] mehr
Walter, Stefanie (2012): Research proposal: EU citizens in the European public sphere. [ECPR Summer School, University of Ljubljana, 25. Juli bis 10. August 2012] mehr
Weishaupt, J. Timo (2012): Beyond National Navel Gazing: Assessing the Impact of International Organizations on National Labor-Market Reforms. [American Political Science Association Annual Meeting, New Orleans, 30. August bis 02. September 2012] mehr
Weishaupt, J. Timo, und Tobias Schulze-Cleven (2012): Leveraging Ideational Legacies: Partisan Labor Market Policies in Crisis-Ridden Europe. [24th Annual Society for the Advancement of Socio-Economics (SASE) Conference, Cambridge, 28. bis 30. Juni 2012] mehr
Weiss, Felix, und Anja Grauenhorst (2012): More education - smaller returns? Education to work transitions with and without vocational eucation. [ECSR/EQUALSOC Conference: Economic change, Quality of life and Social cohesion, Stockholm, 24. bis 26. September 2012] mehr
Weiss, Felix, und Josipa Roksa (2012): Blurring Boundaries Between School and Work in the U.S. - New Dimensions of Educational Inequality?. [International Sociological Association RC28 on Social Stratification and Social Mobility Spring Meeting, Chinese University of Hong Kong, 10. bis 14. Mai 2012] mehr
Weiss, Felix, und Marita Jacob (2012): You snooze, you lose? Returns to interrupted college education in the U.S.. [ISA RC28 Summer Meeting on “Labor Market and Educational Transitions in Uncertain Times”, Charlottesville, VA, 13. bis 15. August 2012] mehr
Wetzel, Anne (2012): Between Narrow and Shallow Agendas: A Comparative Analysis of the Substance of EU Democracy Promotion Policies. [Conference 'The European Union in International Affairs III', Brussels, 03. bis 05. Mai 2012] mehr