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Hörisch, Felix, und Jakob Weber (2013): Social Policies in Times of Crisis: A Partisan Race for the Left Electorate? The Cases of Germany, Switzerland, the USA and Australia. [Tagung “New Economic Concepts in the Current European Crisis", Göttingen University, 08. bis 09. November 2013] mehr
Hörisch, Felix, und Jakob Weber (2013): Varieties of Capitalism - Varieties of Responses? Comparing Fiscal Policy Responses to the Global Financial Crisis in the US, Australia, Switzerland and Germany. [7th ECPR General Conference, Science Po, Bordeaux, 04. bis 07. September 2013] mehr
Jacob, Konstanze, Jörg Dollmann und Frank Kalter (2013): Integration or Ethnic Stratification? The Need for Comprehensive Measures of Immigrants’ Generational Status to Determine their Success of Intergenerational Integration. [5th Conference of the European Survey Research Association (ESRA), Ljubljana, 15. bis 19. Juli 2013] mehr
Junge, Dirk, Thomas König und Bernd Luig (2013): Legislative Gridlock and Bureaucratic Politics in the European Union. [3rd Annual General Conference of the European Political Science Association (EPSA), Barcelona, 20. bis 22. Juni 2013] mehr
Kalter, Frank (2013): Ethnic Diversity and Social Integration in European Classrooms. [Summer School des Schwerpunktprogramms "Education as a Lifelong Process. Analyzing Data of the National Education Panel Study", Universität Bamberg, 15. bis 21. September 2013] mehr
Kalter, Frank (2013): Ethnic Diversity and Social Integration in European Classrooms: Evidence from the Children of Immigrants Longitudinal Survey in Four European Countries (CILS4EU). [Conference on "Ethnic Diversity and Social Capital: Mechanisms, Conditions and Causality", WZB, Berlin, 24. bis 25. Mai 2013] mehr
Kalter, Frank (2013): Ethnic Inequality and Social Integration - the next "first analyses" from CILS4EU. [Sociology Seminar, Nuffield College, Oxford University, 03. bis 10. März 2013] mehr
Kalter, Frank (2013): Ethnische Diversität und soziale Integration in europäischen Schulklassen. [Ringveranstaltung "Interdisziplinäre Netzwerkforschung: Was leistet die Netzwerkperspektive für die Integrationsforschung?", Universität Bremen, 29. November 2013] mehr
Kalter, Frank (2013): Keynote Speech: Migrant Networks and Labour Market Integration. [6th Ph.D. Workshop "Perspectives on (Un-)Employment", IAB, Nürnberg, 05. bis 06. Dezember 2013] mehr
Kalter, Frank (2013): New Survey Data for Integration Research: Some General Needs and One Specific Contribution of the CILS4EU Study. [Conference "Migration: Global Development, New Frontiers", University College, London, 10. bis 13. April 2013] mehr